I Am Free

Essence Alchemy

This remedy is for people who feel trapped. People who feel obligated. People who feel they have no choice. They may feel trapped or in bondage to their family, circumstances or job. They have to be the responsible one. They feel stuck. They can’t get away. Maybe they are trapped in an image of themselves or some ideal/value they are compelled to live by. They may have come to these circumstances or situation without even knowing it or consciously choosing it. Perhaps they feel buried under duty, responsibility or expectation.

These people want freedom. They want to feel free. They want to not feel tied down. They want to be able to explore, get away, or take a break, without guilt. Get some time to themselves when they are free: to relax, to explore who they are, to be spontaneous, to get away. They desire the freedom of choice. Who are they without the profound sense obligation, responsibility or commitment is yet to be discovered.

I am free is also about joy. The joy of feeling free. The joy of not being obligated. The joy of free will. The joy of free choice.