Gnosa Set 12 -2oz spray bottles

Essence Alchemy

A word on the origin of these formulas. The inspiration for these blends came to Dr. Randall Robirds during a Creative Emotional Wizardry seminar. The aim was to encapsulate and transfer the healing energy of the seminars.

All 12 CEW formulas are blended by hand directly from the mother essence bottles. This collection is wide-ranging and has many applications. It was a joy to co-create for Dr. Robirds and to support his work in this way.

Being the co-creator of these blends means I have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with them. They are all potent and expansive in their own way. And, I want to share a special way that I use them. It is called The Immersion Experience: simply add 3 tablespoons to a hot bath and soak for 20 minutes . . .  this method is quite profound.

The 12 Formulas in this set include:

-Angelic Realm Synergy
-Connection to Creator and All that Is
-DNA and Telmoric Harmonization
- Energy Vampire Release and Restoration
-Entity Release
-Merkabah Expander
-Psychic Powers Expander
-Shed Shield
-Wellness and Restoration
-World Crisis Support
-Youth and Vitality