Formula for Hyperactive Children 2 bottles

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If your child has attention and behavior Bach flower remedies can help. This post is for parents who believe there is a way to help your child without the use of drugs. With the news of rehab for Ritalin, you may want to think twice before giving this drug to your child.

The symptoms related to ADD/ADHD can safely be addressed with Bach flower remedies. I have created two formulas that safely address the common issues of ADD/ADHD. The first blend addresses inattentiveness and the second blend addresses hyperactivity.

Over the years I've received numerous phone calls and emails from parents thanking me for making these blends available. To fully address the situation it is best to use the blends for 3 months. If you do this and take other supportive steps you will be giving your child a boost that can support their attention and behavior and their confidence. These formulas are also good for adults.

Symptoms of ADD/ADHD in children:

  • Inattentive
  • Hyperactive
  • Impulsive
  • Unmotivated
  • Spacey

    These symptoms can be broken down into two categories Inattentive and Hyperactive. Now let's explore the hyperactive category at a deeper level.

    Hyperactive Children:

    • Constantly fidgets and squirms
    • Often leaves his or her seat in situations where sitting quietly is expected
    • Moves around constantly, often runs or climbs inappropriately
    • Talks excessively
    • Has difficulty playing quietly or relaxing
    • Is always “on the go,” as if driven by a motor
    • May have a quick temper or a “short fuse”*

      Bach Flower Remedies for Hyperactive Children contains: 

      Cerato: This remedy helps the child feel a greater connection with their own wisdom. It helps to build intuition and fosters interest and encourages eagerness with regards to learning.

      Chestnut bud: This remedy is useful for learning especially when the child makes the same mistakes but fails to learn from them. Chestnut bud is good for all types of learning disabilities. This premier Bach remedy for learning is also good for concentration and attention.

      Heather: This remedy will help those who talk excessively when not appropriate. It is for children who misbehave in this way and use acting out as a way to get attention. It helps the child feel quite within themselves and learn emotional self-reliance.

      Impatiens: This remedy is for the quick-acting child who makes rash choices. For the child who has difficulty relaxing and exhibits impatience and can’t sit still.

      Scleranthus: This remedy is for balance, it encourages a balance between rest and activity. For the hyperactive child this with a quick fuse, for those who are fidgety and exhibit erratic behavior. This essence helps with concentration and focus.

      Vervain: This remedy is for the hyperactive child whose energy seems boundless. Vervain helps to balance a child’s energy so they know when to be active and when to rest.

      Vine: This Bach remedy is for children who have difficulty obeying and following rules. 

      Wild Oat: This remedy is good for children who feel lost, confused because things do not seem clear cut for them as they do for others. This essence will help a child feel their uniqueness and apply their talents.

      White Chestnut: This remedy is for calming an overactive mind and excessive mental chatter. Those needing this remedy are stuck in their heads along with repetitive thoughts that just race incessantly. Useful to bring calm to the overactive mind of a child. 

      How to Use:

      The formulas should be administered 3-4 times a day. You can do this by adding 4 drops to water or juice.  You will begin to notice a shift in behavior within 1-2 weeks or possibly sooner. These remedies are entirely safe, there are NO contraindications or side effects.