The Focus formula supports concentration, focus and the ability to manage details and not feel overwhelmed. A useful remedy to aid studying or anytime mental concentration is required; good for those who are easily distracted and multi-task.

The Flower Essences for Focus Formula is the 4th blend from the Combination Kit. Focus: the center of interest or activity, an act of concentrating interest or activity on something. This formula is perfect for students, writers, actors or anyone needing help with focus. Adults and children with attention problems would enjoy this formula.

The Flower Essences for Focus Formula helps with concentration and task completion. It also helps us to manage a variety of activities and not get overwhelmed. Our world is full of distractions and anything that gives us an edge is useful. Mental congestion can result from the vast amount of information and stimulation we process each day.  This can make sorting and processing information difficult. At times even leaving us feeling mentally exhausted and spent.

If you struggle with periods of mental overload and inattention the Flower Essences for Focus Formula is here to help. This flower essence formula addresses many aspects of mental processing. The 5 essences in the Flower Essences for Focus Formula helps keep the mind alert and centered.

Flower Essences for Focus Formula contains:

Clematis: This essence keeps the mind focused, preventing it from drifting away. It acts like an anchor that keeps us present with the task we are with.

Lemon: Lemon flower essence impacts the mind in a positive way. It strengthens the left brain the more logical and analytical side. A strong left brain helps us grasp mathematical concepts and computer skills with more ease.

Margarite: This flower essence helps us to synthesize information and give us a cohesive understanding of large concepts. It helps to bring information into a focus for deeper understanding and integration.

Rabbitbrush: This flower essence helps us to hold a center of focus while maintaining awareness of the periphery. It helps us to manage diverse aspects of a project or topic and not be overwhelmed. Rabbitbrush is the flower for multi-task support.

Speedwell: This flower essence brings clarity to the mind and supports better interface with the upper chakras.