Connections Spray

Essence Alchemy


The Connections Spray is designed to help bring greater harmony to the space we share. So why not seed greater harmony with the Connections Spray? Simply give each corner of your home a spritz. And, if you are hosting a gathering use the Connections spray prior to the arrival of your guests. Great for any common areas of a home or office. Enjoy more harmonious connections when you use the connections spray. Scented with cedar essential oil.

Contains the flower essences of:
Arizona Lupine: helps us be ourselves among others
Bush Mallow: learning to connect with the heart
Calendula: warmth in communicating
Japanese Knotweed: group harmony
Phenakite (gem elixir): harmonizes group energy
Pink Yarrow: supports emotional containment and openness
Yellow Mariposa Lily: encourages empathy and openness