Communication Flower Essence Formula

Essence Alchemy


This blend contains a special selection of flower essences to bring out our natural leadership qualities and to enhance all aspects of communication. 

The Communication blend contains:

Blue Wooly Star: This essence enhances the throat chakra helping to channel creative and personal power in inspiring ways.

California Golden Violet: This essence supports the courage to speak and say what needs to be said, treats self-consciousness around speaking.

Dunn’s Lobelia: This essence connects the throat chakra with the 6th and 7th chakras enhancing all manner of speech and communication. Helps one express their ideas with clarity supports inspired speaking and throat chakra health.

Iris: This essence opens channels of creativity helps to clear blocks and allows inspired energy to flow more freely.

Lemon: This essence supports mental clarity.

Vinegar Weed: This essence supports feelings of clarity and lightness. It helps one let go of tension and stress caused by time pressure. It lessens the fear of making mistakes.

Western Mimulus: This essence treats fear and shyness especially in regards to the voice. It is good for those who have suppressed or blocked their voice. It helps to release constrictions in the diaphragm and helps the system accommodate more energy.