I Am Precious

Essence Alchemy

The I Am Precious remedy helps you understand that you are important and irreplaceable.  You are precious so hold yourself dear. This essence blend contains:

  • Apple: restores a sense of innocence
  • Beauty Bush: Helps us expand into possibility counters feelings of deprivation
  • Bladder Campion: helps us release toxic energy from childhood
  • Desert 4 O’clock: heals wounds caused by mistrust
  • Mexican Heather: fosters a sense of safety to be who we are, fear of being seen
  • Paw Paw: counters a variety of fears and helps to reverse low self-esteem
  • Pink Clarkia: helps us release trauma and shame and helps us be more vulnerable
  • Pink Sapphire: strengthens the heart center and peaceful embodiment
  • Pink Tourmaline: strengthens the heart chakra improving confidence
  • Rose Quartz: improves personal expression and balances the heart chakra
  • Sweet Pepperbush: for aligning with our emotional center


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