I Am Loved

Essence Alchemy


The remedy I am Loved addresses feeling unloved as one would imagine. You might feel, in a room full of people who know and love you, that you are still unlovable. It’s hard, and painful to let yourself feel love. Love has been entangled with hurt. This essence blend contains:

  • Asperge Savage: helps you access the peace, beauty, and stillness in the heart
  • Manzanita: a deeply grounding essence restores harmony to your body and nervous system
  • Olive: strengthens the heart chakra
  • Philipene Orchid: connects the heart and higher self, supporting you to draw in loving energy
  • Pink Bean: supports the system to receive higher emotional energy
  • Prickly Pear: relaxes the emotional body eases fear and anxieties
  • Sycamore: helps you feel rooted restores the ability to take in loving energy

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