I Am Enough

Essence Alchemy

The I am Enough remedy addresses feeling like you’re not enough. The I am Enough remedy helps you know and feel that you are enough, as is. This essence blend contains:

  • Azurite: for releasing compulsive tendencies which distract you
  • Arizona Lupine: helps you to appreciate your uniqueness
  • Beard Tongue: stabilizes and grounds your energy restoring your sense of 
  • Garnet: helps you release old outdated ideas
  • Heron’s Bill: helps you let go of exaggerated worry and embrace your wholeness
  • Marsh Marigold: supports compassion for yourself and others
  • Money Plant: opens you to possibility when your feel closed or blocked by fear
  • Mt. Apple: helps you to release burdens of the past
  • wholeness
  • Bouncing Bet: Helps you be generous with yourself and directs your energy towards self-care

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