Western Mimulus - Initiating Action

May 01, 2020

Western Mimulus - Initiating Action

Western Mimulus flower essence's primary sphere of influence is on fear. Fear can lead to a cycle of stagnation, irritability, anxiety and frustration. This flower essence helps when we want to re-coil from the challenges of life. Those needing western mimulus flower essence may feel insecure, shy, and vulnerable.

Fear has an intimate relationship with courage. It has been my observation that courage is not the opposite of fear but that they exist side by side. We often think to act with courage means to be fearless. But, in reality it is our fear that propels forward into courage. The magic of western mimulus flower essence is it helps us tap into our courageousness to take the risk to act even when we feel fear.

Western Mimulus - Living on the Edge

The plant grow at the edge of often swift moving waters. The places it grows are often subject to flooding. Western mimulus craves a constant supply of pure, clear, clean, fresh running water. This is part of its signature. Always straddling the edge between safe ground and constant flow this flower can teach us about trusting the river of life. With risk taking, straddling the edge, we grow and can overcome our fears. The more we learn to be active with fear and not recoil the more we can meet the goodness of life. This builds trust and this trust nourishes and support personal growth.

I feel western mimulus flower essence may be as widely applicable post Covid as much as it is now. The shelter in place order has provided a sense of comfort for those whose natural tendency is to seek quite. As society begins to open and restrictions are lifted it may challenge a sense of safety that sheltering in place offered. But this sense of being protected may end up stymieing personal growth.

We grow by engaging with life.  If fear is blocking your ability to initiate action consider the flower essence Western mimulus. It will help you access your courageous self. It helps to release constrictions in our energy system. This helps us accommodate more energy. We can use this energy for all manner of things.

And, as we re-engage with life it is still important to follow health and safety measures for personal well being. This is an important point to remember acting without fear does not mean being reckless.

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