Ti Plant Flower Essence

February 06, 2020

Ti Plant Flower Essence

The Ti Plant is native to Polynesia, its latin name is Cordyline Terminalis. The Polynesians brought this plant to the Hawaiian Islands were it grows wild. It was used for many purposes in ancient Hawaiian culture. The Ti plant was used to make cordage and ceremoniously to clear evil spirits. This paradox of uses is quite compelling, to bind things and help people break free of things.

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Ti Plant Flower Essence

The Latin name is also very illuminating to the use of Ti plant flower essence. Cordyline Terminalis, cord line termination, this is the primary function of the Ti plant flower essence, to cut cords. The ancient Hawaiians knew a lot about energetic cords which are  termed aka cords. They say when you think of something you send out an aka cord to that object, place or person. From this perspective we can see that it is easy to  have many cords going out and coming towards us from different directions. This makes energetic hygiene important to the health of the mind and emotions.

The Ti plant flower essence carries a strong quality of light into the entire system. This high frequency of light helps it clear negative attachments and entities from the energy field. In the photo you can see how the flowers just radiate light. This is a powerful signature of the Ti plant flower essence.

 "Clears the Path to Power"

The Ti plant flower essence was made on the island of Kauai and it carries the potent spiritual energy of land. The first time I used the Ti plant flower essence on myself the phrase "Clears the Path to Power" echoed in my mind. I am very excited by the action of this essence. And I am excited to be offering the Ti plant flower essence to world. It is a truly amazing essence for clearing entities, attachments and breaking spells. The Ti plant flower essence is an amazing space clearing essence as well.

I want to share one last story about the Ti plant flower essence. When I first ingested the essence and received the message "Clears the Path to Power" I was having anxiety around my job. The anxiety cleared instantly, my mind calmed and I got on with my day. The next day I was informed that I was going to be fired! I feel like the Gods released me from that job. It was hard at first but it sent my life on an amazing course of discovery. In retrospect I see that the Ti plant flower essence cleared the negative cords between my supervisor and I.

The Ti plant flower essence is wonderful and I invite you to use it wisely and consciously.


To learn more about how ancient islanders used Ti Plant visit this link.

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