The Trauma Kit a Cornerstone Collection

May 03, 2022

The Trauma Kit a Cornerstone Collection

A testament to the benefits of the Trauma Kit. 

“At Delta Gardens, we frequently find childhood trauma to be an important factor in our clients’ present day health issues. Removing the energetic underpinnings of trauma requires appropriate flower essences. All of the practitioners here use the Essence Alchemy Trauma Set for this type of work – that is, alleviating illness by releasing trauma. These essences are truly a gift.” ~David Dalton, Delta Gardens Hampton Falls, NH

About The Kit

The Trauma kit is composed of flower essences from across the North America. The essences were collected from a range of natural environments including deserts, mountains, fields, tropics, swamps and woodlands. In the summer of 2009 my teacher David Dalton requested I send him essences I had made. By chance I had 36 essences just the right amount to fit into a 6X6 box. I sent them off and went about with my life.

In the winter of 2012 I was speaking with David when told me he was using the kit all the time in his practice. He mentioned that whenever trauma was present as an underlying factor he would use my essences. This led to more practitioners who would reach out and request "The Trauma Kit". At first I was resistant to the name. But, in a conversation with another practitioner I obliged and accepted the name, The Trauma Kit.

The Kit in Practice

When I began making the essences that would become this kit I was acutely aware of traumas and their lasting impacts. This was 15-20 years ago when trauma was not talked about the way it is today. But, society has now reached a point where we comprehend and validate the impacts of trauma on health. We see and understand the impacts of recent trauma, historical, and generational traumas. Today many practitioners and therapists address trauma as part of the larger wheel of healing.

When I started my practice I would listen to accounts of trauma, abuse, neglect, and shame. And in many cases a line could be drawn from the clients  adverse childhood events to current life difficulties. I was witness to the  imprints of trauma impacting health and emotional well being in a variety of ways. The dense legacy of trauma had a lasting impact. And as people began using these essences I saw they provided solace, space, and support. This was needed and enabled people to feel empowered and make changes. One key aspect of flower essences is they help to create space between our pain and our awareness/identity. Space enables choice and from this we can pivot to make desired changes.

Using flower essences for trauma offers many benefits. Flower essences are self regulating, gentle by nature, and they dovetail with many modalities. They  are a nice compliment to therapeutic trauma work. They help the system open to change and new perspectives. They can be used with herbs, homeopathy, and essential oils. Also, the single essence descriptions make it easy to self select. Or if you work with a practitioner you can ask them to muscle test which essences you would benefit from.

I am pleased to say The Trauma Kit is used by a wide variety of clinicians including Chiropractors, aacupuncturists,, Naturopaths, and other flower essences practitioners. They are employed by clinicians in the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Europe and Australia. The Trauma Kit is now become the cornerstone of the Essence Alchemy mission.

“I would like to say that as a Flower Remedy Practitioner, I recommend Essence Alchemy for the purity and energetics I have experienced upon first using these remedies. Like many of the others who have written, I have sampled flower essences from around the world. These are the real deal."

Betsy Bonsignore MSCN BSN RN LMT

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