The Energy of Trauma

May 07, 2020

The Energy of Trauma

Along our healing journey we will inevitably come across trauma. Whether it be physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual our trauma is waiting to be healed. This task may be more important than we may know. But, before going forward I want to acknowledge that 'trauma' can refer to many things. And, it is imperative to have a supportive network when healing deep traumas. There is one aspect of 'trauma' that is a common thread it leaves an energetic imprint or signature. This can be a physical scar or an emotional/psychological scar.

Trauma can be

  • an accident
  • abuse, punishment, neglect
  • death of close family and friends
  • being expelled, ostracized
  • being lied to and criticized
  • being controlled
  • a loss
This is a short list.

Long after a traumatic event we can experience any number of symptoms. These may surface and get triggered any time and for a variety of reasons. There are some tell tale signs of trauma imprints surfacing. They often seem puzzling and not connected to current time situations.

Symptoms of Trauma Imprints Surfacing:
  • Anger, rage, hypersensitivity
  • Fear
  • Sleep disturbances, disturbed dreams
  • Physical pain with no apparent cause
  • De-pressed moods
  • Addictive tendencies
  • Obsession

Healing and Trauma

During my healing journey with Lyme disease I had to address a variety of physical and emotional traumas. Intermittently physical and emotional pain would arise strongly. At times the pain would be on parts of my body and upon reflection these were areas of past injury. Other times trauma would surface on the emotional/psychological levels. I could easily get aggressive, forgetful and prone to addictive behavior.

With diligent tracking I could determine what symptoms were caused by the lyme bacteria and what was the result of trauma imprints surfacing. At times it was difficult to parse out what was what. This helped me to see and understand how powerful the partnership between trauma and other conditions can be. 

On myself and with others I have seen how trauma can be an illusive factor. But, when properly addressed could lead to systematic well being. There is a dense energy to trauma. This density can inhibit the flow of healing energy. Moving this density can free up space for the natural healing energy of the body to flow. I have witnessed and experienced the ability of flower essences to heal the energetic underpinnings of trauma. This has helped create space for new levels of healing.

Flower essences are partners in healing and working with them can guide the system in resolving trauma. While some traumas are easy to identify and work with some require the help of trained professionals. There are many trained professionals and wonderful modalities for trauma healing. Please consider your needs as you venture along the path of well being. Know that flower essences can be a wonderful compliment along with working with professionally trained trauma therapists.

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