Tension and Attention

August 30, 2022

Tension and Attention

Fire draws our attention whether it be a campfire, fireplace, or a dancing  candle fire can be mesmerizing to watch. Fires ability to hold our attention is universal and timeless. Communing with fire is anchored into being human. For thousands of years fire has been a place to gather, cook, tell stories, keep warm, and to offer protection. Fire has and still is central to society and life.

Technology - Fire in the Palm of our Hands

The fire that holds our attention today is channeled through electronic devices. At the top I put the controlled burn of phones, tablets and computer screens. We may have tamed fire but we sit solitary - hypnotized, anesthetized, and consumed by the light of the screen. There is an obsession with modern fire and which had lead to rigidity. This rigidity impacts the body, emotions, and mind.

Much of the news and social media is geared towards topics that enrage with no resolution or solution presented. If after a bout of giving your attention to your devices you find yourself feeling rigid, angry, frustrated, disillusioned and disconnected from your natural rhythms you are not alone. This channeling of our attention in this way is a disconnected way to interface with the world.

Our control of fire through technology has lead to imbalances. Sitting under the lights, bathing in the light of the screen and using fire in this way has disrupted our circadian rhythms along with other natural body rhythms. What does it mean to feel the ease and natural flow in the body?I would venture to say many of have forgotten. 

Desert Dandelion flower essence

In our body the fire element ranges from passion, enthusiasm, and volition to inflammation, anger, and rage. Out of balance fire in the body and mind can leave us feeling taut, strained and tense. A flower essence I want to focus on is Desert Dandelion. Growing in the dry hot desert landscapes this plant is an ally for helping us relax. In the vast wide desert landscape the yellow petals and red centered of desert dandelion draws our attention, related to the common dandelion it prefers the dry sandy terrain of the desert.

Use Desert Dandelion flower essence to help penetrate to the core of physical and emotional tension, it is particularly good for anger and other 'hot' emotions. It softens rigid tendencies in the personality. It is good for self imposed strictness, helps one to flow more smoothly through life. Those seeking more smooth, dynamic energy flow in the body would enjoy this essence. Desert Dandelion flower essence is found in the Essence Alchemy Trauma Kit.

You may enjoy this flower essence if you find yourself unable to let go of the tensions brought on by intense focus. Or if you find letting go to be a challenge in general. If you would like to order the Desert Dandelion flower essence just use this link.

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