Scroll Addict and Screen Addiction

October 15, 2021

Scroll Addict and Screen Addiction

This post was inspired by a bumper sticker which read "Screen Junkies". Screen addiction is both a new phrase and a real problem. I often wonder why this addiction is not talked about. We all see it, hand to the face, palm up, neck bent, walking down the street. People staring at screens, during a concert, at a sporting event, under the covers, in the car and at meals etc . . . It is pervasive, not subtle and in my opinion screen addiction is real.

Screen Addiction and our brain

In Japan children now attend internet fasting camps for screen addiction. I find it reassuring that a society is willing to address the ugly side of technology. In general we tend to only look at the bright side of technology. We are now waking up to the shadow side of being so wired. I believe we can have a balanced relationship with technology and not let ourselves be exploited by our devices.

Research indicates screen time and screen addiction negatively effects gray matter in the brain. To learn more about this topic I highly recommend the blog of Victoria Dunckley. Folks what is happening to the brain is not subtle. Screen addiction and excessive screen time is detrimental. Basically it causes the gray matter to shrink. This impacts the brain's development, neurotransmitters, and ability to communicate internally.

Emotional Development

What concerns me is how screen addiction impairs psychological and emotional development. This can lead to less internal resilience, more anxiety, less impulse control and diminished empathy. Most damage occurs in the frontal lobe. This area of the brain experiences large growth between puberty and the mid 20's and is a crucial time for personal growth. A time when our identity and values are being formed. There are deep implications to screen addiction that are not casual and deserve attention.

While the damage to gray matte sounds unsavory, it can be reversed. In the next post I will discus ways to increase gray matter and build psychological and emotional resilience.

Psychic Antacid for Screen Addiction

Screen addiction and excessive screen time overload the psyche. Large amounts of imagery and information are difficult to process. Most  of us are unable to process the death, war and violence that fill video games and nightly news accounts. The in-digestibility of this content causes us to suffer from 'psychic indigestion'. How many times have you tried to get images or a unsavory news story out of your mind?

This was a motivating factors behind the creation of the Detox formula. I wanted to offer something to create psychic space between you and content, something to help the psyche release foreign material.

Flower Essence in the Detox Formula

Asperge Sauvage (wild aspargus), Bidens, Chaparral, Pacific Woodrush, Silverweed Cinquefoil and Ti Plant

Collectively these flower essences negate the effects of excessive screen time and screen addiction. The Detox Formula cleanses the psyche of unwanted energy, thoughts and images. It also cleanses the energy field of negativity and protects it from outside negative influences. This formula combats screen addiction by supporting greater mental clarity. Last but not least it helps us return to our core and to the place of greater personal freedom.

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