Protection Sleep Flower Essence

July 11, 2021

Protection Sleep Flower Essence

"Sleep is a creature that needs taming" . . .I once heard this phrase and it really stuck with me.

But before we dive into flower essences for sleep let us look at 2 factors in regards to taming the creature that is sleep. Light & Heat

Light and Sleep

With regards to light we need to look at:
1.) the amount of light in the room and
2.)the amount of light we are consuming prior to bed

If your room in not sufficiently dark enough consider blackout curtains and putting stickers over led "power" lights. Sufficiently dark means no glaring light from outside or inside. And, the led lights on appliances should also be covered. It may seem light on a power cord may seem harmless but the pineal gland needs darkness. Otherwise your body will not produce melatonin needed to rest well. Ideally you will want to use an eye mask to ensure total darkness which signals melatonin production.

Also paramount is reducing light consumption prior to sleep. This means do not take your phone or tablet to bed. And abstain from excessive light intake via screens. Too much light at night will inhibit the production of melatonin. Also the blue light from screens is disruptive to the body. Do consider using blue light blocking glasses, a screen cover or downloading an app like f.lux. This app will reduce blue light based upon time of day.

Heat and Sleep

Next up is temperature - finding the right temperature for sleep is important. Some studies suggest a room temperature of 65 F is best. And, there is of course personal preference. But, all in all if it is too warm it will prove difficult to achieve deep rest.  After you've addressed these two big factors consider what else is important for sleep hygiene. Food, drink, alcohol, stimulants, noise etc. . .

Flower Essences for Sleep

The Protection Sleep flower essence formula is designed to help you "let go" so you can drift off to sleep. Now let's review the flower essences that make up this formula.

Angelica: This essence provides a softening to the energy system. It gives the sensation of being enveloped in a protective cloak. This essence can help the system cycle down out of nervousness.

Coyote Mint: The key role of this essence is to give the mental body a break from the cycling and recycling of thoughts. It aids letting go at a 'mental' level. It helps those who are plagued by circular thoughts.

Lavender: This essence softens a keyed up system and is an aid to winding down to prepare for rest. It helps those who are easily stimulated. It is a balm for the sensitive types.

Purple Aster: This essence frees us from 'bodily' awareness, meaning it helps us let go so we can rest. It brings in the space and awareness that is beyond the physical. It helps us attune more to the spiritual realm.

St. John's Wort and Yarrow: These two are general protective essences. They to seal the energy field offering a sense of safety and grounding. This then helps with the 'letting go' process needed for sleep.

How to Use

Start with taking this blend 30 minutes before bed. Take it again at bedtime and if you awake in the night. For chronic issues consider taking in throughout the day to prime your system.

Protection Sleep flower essence is great to use when traveling. Travel can be disruptive to the entire energy system. And, this blend will help your system balance and settle. 


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