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October 11, 2022

Pink Meibomia flower essence

Pink Meibomia flower essence is a key component of the River Kit. This plant has a vitality which is carried over to the flower essence. I have a distinct memory of the moment which I co-created each flower essence in my collections. I remember the time, place and feeling related to each essence yet I don't consider myself as someone with a particularly "good" memory. But, with flower essences there is a liminal space which I step into. It is in this place of deep time where the magic happens.

The day I made this essence there was this tug inside a pulling force kind of 'dragging' me forward. I set out on the dirt path which I had walked many times that summer. The path went from the house, through a thicket and crossed an uncultivated field. The house, field, path and the plant are on an island in the St. Lawrence River. Where the name of this kit comes from.

What I am pointing to and highlighting is that the energy of the plant and my energy field had been communicating before the essence was made. I had walked this path through the field many times. But, I had not seen this plant. One early Saturday morning on the message which was kinesthetic was clear. So I followed the feeling and it led me right to the Pink Meibomia. This flower essence highlights the wide space which for me is the realm of all flower essence co-creation.

Actions of Pink Meibomia Flower Essence

Pink Meibomia flower essence has an energy that assists us with catalyzing  motivation and drive. It bolsters a stressed energy field thus we feel more contained and less frayed. This then serves to protect us from draining influence and has the effect of countering confusion. Combined this helps us orient towards goal directed behavior and reverse pale moods.

Use Pink Meibomia flower essence at times when you've feel you've lost steam. This could be due to burnout from overwork, health challenges, or any other life event which left you feeling flat. It is a great essence to use when starting a new project or endeavor. Also consider using Pink Meibomia flower essence during the change of seasons to help you adjust to the change.

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