5 Essenes for Stress Part 3 - Anger and Resentment

June 25, 2021

5 Essenes for Stress Part 3 - Anger and Resentment

As I was compiling this blog many essences came to me. Among those that came were essence that correlated with anger and resentment. I realized they needed to be addressed in their own category. Anger and resentment are stressful and stress inducing emotional patterns. In order to find greater peace we need to look at ways to process these emotions.

In this post the 5 essences highlighted address a broad scope of stresses related to anger. So whether you are dealing with repressed anger or resentment and need to access the energy to forgive . . . there is an essence for you.

5 Essence for Anger and Resentment

Arroyo Willow: Helps a person learn the lessons of flexibility and letting go. Useful for unresolved pain which causes bitterness - helps a person let go of grudges, hard feelings and related emotions. Useful for ingrained bitterness and hatred. 

Cardinal Monkeyflower: In many instances this is an essence for repressed anger. It is good for those who limit their own experience of power for fear of how it will affect others. This essence helps us transform our relationship to anger, power, fear, and worth. It helps the system take in more energy and not fear anger. It helps bring a balance to our relationship with anger so it may become an ally to personal growth. A good essence for those afraid of heat and fire. 

Ghost Flower: This essence will help you awaken to a deeper sense of fulfillment. It will help to release imprints of anger and helps us let go of the juice of anger. It can help us be nourished by ease and forgiveness. This uplifting inspirational remedy helps us awaken to a deeper sense of fulfillment.

Purple Aster: This essence may not seem like an obvious suggestion, at first. But, it has a distinct lightening impact on the mental body. In my work with clients I've used Purple Aster to help people let go of anger and resentment. There is a freeing quality with this essence that counters the feelings of constriction common with stress caused by anger.

Rose Quartz: This gem supports emotional balance and helps the heart chakra open. It helps to relieve anger and tension. This is a wonderful balancing remedy which many folk prone to anger would enjoy. Especially if you find circumstances in your life prompt anger.

How to Use:
With these essences it is suggested you use them 3-4 times a day.

All the essences listed are found on our website. If you need any help feel free to message, email or call.


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