My Personal Journey With Lyme Part 1 - The Mystery

June 05, 2020

My Personal Journey With Lyme Part 1 - The Mystery

Lyme disease can be confusing and mysterious. The symptoms may move, resemble other conditions, and go dormant only to surface again. This makes lyme difficult to pin down and understand. The pinball of malaise is not a welcome dance but there is a way forward towards a graceful restoration of health.

Dancing with Microbes

In June of 2015 I began to feel ‘off’ just not quite right. After the busy month of May I flew to NY for a 2 week trip. I woke up on the first day of my trip feeling stiff, foggy, depressed and sick. The symptoms felt severe but I figured it was jet lag. I tried to shrug it off, adjust to the time zone, and get on with things. Yet, I couldn’t quite shake the brain fog, disorientation, lack of vitality and body stiffness. I noticed it was hard to track details and I had an overwhelming desire to sleep.

I made some adjustments to my diet, took some herbs and upped my vitamin intake. This helped after two weeks the severity of symptoms improved but something kept lingering. The feeling was a nagging sense that there was a hump I had not gotten over. Two months of feeling ok passed and all of a sudden the major symptoms returned. Once again I made some adjustments suffered for two weeks and felt slightly better.

The cycle of feeling ok for two months with two weeks of crap persisted. A new emotional component arose a rage, anger, and hatred. Then chest pains, rib pains and a very strong heart beat started at the same time. One day as I was driving down the 101 in Ventura county an extreme blind rage and feeling of blood lust came over me. It burst forth with a fury that scared me. Out of all the physical symptoms the rage became my biggest concern because it was so out of character. At this point my spiritual and meditation practice was the only thing keeping me sane.

The Co-Infection

In January 2016 I got really sick severe digestive issues, brain fog, malaise, an intense need to sleep, lack of emotional vitality, complete loss of libido, rib pains, eye strain, heart palpitations, intense full body inflammation and trouble sleeping. I wondered WTF is going on? I went to an accupuncturist told him my symptoms and in the middle of telling him these symptoms I said “If someone was telling me this I would say you have Lyme.” It was my first inkling to pursue this possibility. I soon learned that yes I did have lyme disease as well as babesia. In short babesia is a nasty protozoa which in my experience was far worse than lyme.

That simple insight of sharing my symptoms with another health practitioner broke open the mystery. This led me down a road to recovery - a winding road at times but ultimately activating my innate self healing capabilities with aid of flower essences, key herbs, and adequate self care. I n part two I will discus the co-infection and practices that supported me on the road to health.

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