My Healing Journey with Lyme Part 3 - Painful Bedfellows - Trauma

July 03, 2020

My Healing Journey with Lyme Part 3 - Painful Bedfellows - Trauma

Painful Bedfellows -  Trauma

What I am going to share with you is my understanding. This understanding is born out of experience. Other people, clients, and colleagues have relayed similar information to me. In my life and healing process I have discovered that for me healing from Lyme required healing traumas. Lyme like many diseases is opportunistic and will exploit the body's weakness. And, trauma can make the body vulnerable and decrease vitality.

Looking back at the timing of my first lyme symptom outbreak I believe I had been carrying the pathogen for a few years. As 3 years prior to having my first full fledged outbreak I had spent the summer in tick heavy Upstate New York. I was outdoors all day everyday. I wandered the fields, forests, and meadows of the small islands on the St. Lawrence river. That summer I experienced significant unexpected weight gain, which is characteristic of Lyme.

Lyme and Trauma

In hind sight I can see that months later back in California I was having early symptoms. I had bouts of fatigue, out of character mood swings, and intense pain in areas of my body which had been injured. Later on I learned lyme is opportunistic and will gravitate towards areas of decreased vitality. In my case it was localized to areas of physical injury and scar tissue. 

The Lyme/trauma connection is known to many skilled healers and Lyme literate doctors. There is vast amounts of material on the topic so I will not go into much detail. What I will say is the 'energy' of trauma is dense the imprints can sit like stones on our vitality.  Emotional, physical, and psychological trauma draw on our psychic energy. And, healing Lyme requires us to be well resourced. Among other things this means having the psychic energy/vitality to heal.

I have a kit of flower essences called the "Trauma Kit". It was given this name by David Dalton of Delta Gardens. He gave it this name because I found the essences in this kit helped to lift the imprints of trauma. He came to this conclusion after years of practice and hundreds of people receiving the essences. It was through him and this kit that I learned how healing trauma is paramount to healing Lyme.

Over the years skilled practitioners and dedicated individuals have helped to demystify this illness. The varied and wide ranging nature of the symptoms of Lyme can seem like a puzzle. It has certainly stumped many well intended healers. What I have learned is that trauma makes us energetically vulnerable and this contributes to contracting the illness. And, along those same lines we can carry the pathogen for some time and be symptom free. But the stress of a recent trauma, injury or accident can weaken ones immunity and the Lyme spirochetes will seize on that weakness and symptoms may begin to express.

If you or someone you know suspects they are infected check with a skilled practitioner and get a Western blot blood test. If you symptoms, a history of trauma, and live in a tick heavy region of the country take your health seriously. And know that you are not crazy but the puzzle pieces of the symptoms can make it feel that way at times.

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