May Essence of the Month - Beauty Bush

May 02, 2023

May Essence of the Month - Beauty Bush

Beauty Bush flower essence comes from a shrub whose white flowers are veined with orange. As I’ve gotten to know this essence over the years it's actions have intrigued me. A major theme of this essence is emergence, helping us find the strength to ‘emerge’ into a brighter future. Emerge means move out of or away from something and come into view. Beauty Bush helps us emerge from old limitations to allow new expansive energy in.

Addressing Fears

Beauty Bush supports us to address conscious and unconscious fears that arise as we expand. Fear of emerging of coming forth can be traced to birth, early childhood and even pre-birth trauma. Often this fear lays hidden in the unconscious and surfaces when we start to make new choices for healthy growth and transformation. These fears underpin feelings of resistance which inhibit us from growing in new ways.

Beauty Bush flower essence is good for feelings of gloom that has roots in early life and possibly even in utero. This feeling is characterized by a strong fear that is deeply felt and projected onto the future. Often times it is unconscious and surfaces as we grow with life.

In such cases Beauty Bush flower essence helps when we feel like we are expanding and suddenly feel pulled back. Expansion is a natural part of the universe and life; the universe is constantly expanding. As we grow personally, emotionally and spiritually we are called to expand our sense of what is possible for our life.

Use Beauty Bush flower essence when you consciously want to create more for your life. This essence can help those who experienced deprivation as children. This essence is helpful for trauma related to punishment based on deprivation. This can include withholding of food, love, touch, being left alone, or lock in a room. Trauma of this sort leads to accepting less and not allowing our to develop or take chances.

Beauty Bush flower essence is a key essence in the Trauma kit. It combines well with Sulfur flower, Mt. Apple, Bottlebrush and Hummingbird Sage to assist growth and expansion.

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