Flower Essence of the Month February 2023 - Lime

February 01, 2023

Flower Essence of the Month February 2023 - Lime

Citrus trees are some of my favorite trees. They are moderately sized, have green glossy leaves, heavenly fragrant flowers, and abundant fruit. But, it is their fragrant flowers which draw me in. When the citrus orchards of Ojai, where I used to live begin flowering in mid February the town fills with the perfume of their sweet fragrant flowers. It is really quite a special time, when the citrus bloom.

For February I have chosen Lime blossom flower essence. It helps relieve the mental body of tension, toxicity and judgemental attitudes.

Indications for Lime flower essence include:

- overly critical of others
- difficulty enjoying open time/ free time
- cynicism and pessimism

Lime flower essence helps us to release toxic thoughts. It does this by helping cleanse the mental body of lower vibrations. As such it enhances our ability to perceive the world and ourselves in a more positive light. Lime flower essence energizes the entire circulatory system by enhancing the connection between the emotional and mental bodies.

For those who find themselves constantly viewing the world through a cynical lens lime flower essence is a valuable aid. As it can help us break  this pattern and find more peace and spaciousness in everyday moments.

Lime flower essence is one of the 8 essences that make up the Citrus Kit.

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