Joy Flower Essence Formula

April 17, 2020

Joy Flower Essence Formula

The flower essences for Joy formula and Joy Spray nourish the human energy system.The essence of joy lightens the human heart and buoys the soul. Joy is a partner to deep healing and inner freedom. The flower essences for Joy increase emotional resilience and strengthens the spirit. Without such resilience we are more susceptible to pessimism, gloom, and despair.

This formula support access to feelings of pleasure, humor, ease, and happiness. It is useful for issues of social anxiety, sexual anxiety, and concern regarding our desire nature. Those who are easily agitated, slightly depressed, and hyper sensitive would also benefit from this formula.

The Flower Essences for Joy Formula

Autumn Onion: This essence helps us to access the lighter side of our nature. It carries an uplifting vibration that is soothing, nurturing and playful. It offers comfort in times of darkness.

Blue Flax: This essence supports the release of emotional and mental constriction. With this essence we can more easily shed old patterns which prevent us from being nourished by relaxation.

Clementine: A simple and joyful essence exemplified in the tasty fruit this tree bears. Clementine flower essence supports alignment of the physical and emotional bodies. This provides structure and grounding for greater peace, ease, and joy.

Scarlet Gilia: This essence helps you to relate to pleasure with more ease and grace. It is good for social anxiety and relieves tension from emotional complexes related to pleasure. It helps you accept and integrate your desire nature in a healthy balanced manner.

Zinnia: There is a child in all of us, a child not divorced from the adult. The zinnia essence puts us in touch with our child like nature. It restores  humor showing us that laughter is medicine.

The flower essences for Joy formula are useful for anyone. Those who suffer mild social anxiety, had a strict upbringing, are overly serious, or just want to bring more humor into their life, would enjoy this formula. The flower essences for Joy formula teach us that joy is not a far off condition but an embodied state. Children who are easily downcast would also benefit from the Joy formula.

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