Important Flower Essences RIght Now

April 02, 2020

Important Flower Essences RIght Now

Extraordinary times - extraordinary flowers. Flower essences offer unparalleled support for emotional, mental, and spiritual balance and well being. In many ways I feel the magic of flower essences shine best in times like this. And, my goal as a flower essence therapist and researcher is to help people move through challenges with confidence and perseverance.

In my work as a flower essence therapist I have an approach to supporting people that has proven useful. I have taken this approach and broadened it. And, I have applied it to these current times. I have assembled a group of flower essences from my broad collection into what I call the Extraordinary Times Kit.

Key Points that form the basis of my approach.

1.) Support the nervous system

2.) Energetic Protection
3.) Emotional Well being - being with, processing difficult emotions
4.) Staying Grounded
5.) Uplifting

These serve as the foundation. And with good foundational support we thrive, make clear decision and we trust in our ability to meet challenges.

Important flower essences from The Extraordinary Times Kit

Calm Formula: This combination of 6 flower essences is used when we feel anxious, keyed up, and fearful.

Olive Flower Essence: Olive is used to build our reserves of strength. It has been used to treat weakened conditions of all kind. It is very useful for those with adrenal exhaustion and insomnia.

Protection Formula: This formula is a combination 5 flower essences that helps to create a strong energetic shield of protection. Our energy field is weakened from stress, overwork, fear and anxiety. Use this formula to support a strong field.

River of Support: This formula helps us on all levels navigate the river of change we are all forced to do right now. This formula is uplifting, protective, and balancing.

Extraordinary Times Special -15% Off

All the essences listed above and 9 others are part of the Extraordinary Time Kit Enjoy 15% off with code Extraordinary. This code applies to the full kit as well as individual essence from the kit.

All Essence Alchemy flower essences are bottled at the stock level dilution. Because they are bottled at the stock level they can be used together. For example you can use Calm and Protection at the same time without them cancelling each other out. To mix and match essences means you can tailor them to your specific needs that day or week.

I wish you much health and well being in these Extraordinary Times.

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