Herkimer Diamond and Eucalyptus - December Essences of the Month

December 06, 2023

Herkimer Diamond and Eucalyptus - December Essences of the Month

For the final feature of 2023 I am highlighting Herkimer Diamond gem elixir and Eucalyptus flower essence. These two essences have been invaluable tools for my personal well being and the well being of others.

Herkimer Diamond Gem Elixir

Herkimer Diamond is a variety of quartz mined in Herkimer township in New York state. Quality gems have a glass like clarity and are lovely to behold. The clarity of these gems feels like holding crystalized water. Subsequently the gem elixir of Herkimer diamond can bring a clarity to the mind and energy field.

I've found Herkimer Diamond helpful when people are processing toxins and need more emotional clarity. In the healing journey this can be beneficial especially when dealing with die off or related toxins. It can feel very uncomfortable and Herkimer diamond gem elixir smooths the process making an uncomfortable experience a bit more gentle and tolerable. 

This elixir also helps balance the personality, cleanse the aura, and subtle bodies. It helps to ease stress and improve the memory. There is an increased ability to stimulate clairvoyance, healing abilities, and the ability to give.

Eucalyptus flower essence

The Essence Alchemy Eucalyptus flower essence is made from the species eucalyptus sideroxylon. An  Australian native Eucalyptus is naturalized in many parts of California. The eucalyptus sideroxylon species has vibrant pink flowers and rough burgundy bark. The flowers are very attractive to bees and humming birds and humans . . .

Eucalyptus flower essence is fortifying and supports a re-commitment to life and vocational goals. I have found this essence to be wonderful with clients who've experienced burnout. This can be due to either overwork or a feeling of being disillusioned with their vocation. A common response after using eucalyptus flower essence is a renewed sense of purpose and a renewed perspective at work.

Even if we do something we love we can get habituated and loose interest. In these situations Eucalyptus is a good essence when you need a little inspiration. It helps us get a new set of eyes on what we are doing. I have also found this is a good essence for people who experience fatigue post illness or after a project has finished. It helps us when we are in a 'flat feeling' state and feeling blah.


Both Herkimer Diamond and Eucalyptus support clarity, whether it be mental clarity or life direction clarity these essences can help.

Herkimer Diamond is in the Gem Elixir kit and Eucalyptus is in the Ojai kit.

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