Flower Essences for Leadership

February 27, 2020

flower essences for leadership

Each day we are confronted with the fact that clear, honest and heartfelt leadership is hard to find. Dealing with petty tyrants is a way for us to learn to cultivate our leadership. The Leadership blend helps cultivate traits that move us collectively to higher levels of service and solution. If you are seeking to access your true leadership strengths the Leadership Connection formula will support you.

A few years ago I started to collaborate with Kathleen Schafer. She heads an organization called Leadership Connection. Her organization works with non-profits, businesses and those in government at the national, state and local levels. Her mission is to guide individuals to tap into their natural leadership skills and to put them into the world to serve the greater good.


As Kathleen became familiar with my work, she asked if we could make a blend to support leaders to access their inner wisdom and guidance. So after tweaking, testing and refining I am happy to share that the Leadership Connection blend and make it  available to the public. It is for anyone who wants to connect their leadership to the change they wish to see in the world.

This blend is designed to support our positive and heartfelt capacity to be agents of change. The Leadership Connection blend is useful for anyone and teachers, educators, business owners, and athletes would enjoy this formula.

Leadership Connection Flower Essence Formula

Columbine: Supports us to allow our unique talents and abilities to flourish.

Matillija Poppy: This essence helps to ground and channel your energy to support powerful authentic leadership.

Natrolite (gem elixir): This gem elixir supports an deeper integration of the higher self with the ego.

Purple Sage: This essence helps you use wisdom from your life experience and apply it in useful and pertinent ways.

Red Larkspur: This essence helps to activate positive charisma and magnetism for embodied inspiration.

Scarlet Bugler: This essence enhances determination and helps clear limitations created by fear.

White Larkspur: This essence encourages humility and helps us to see and embrace our authority. It helps us trust our capacities to meet our challenges. Supports alignment of thinking, feeling and action; brings out balanced leadership.

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