Flower Essences for Intuition

July 24, 2020

Flower Essences for Intuition

Intuition: the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. This definition speaks to a gut level instinct which requires trust in order to work. Unfortunately our intuition is layered over with conditioning. The kind of knowing we were taught favors reasoning, deduction, and scholarly learning and knowledge. Now, there is nothing wrong with this. It is that it can overshadow our intuitive knowing. Because this is so common most people could benefit from the flower essences for intuition formula.

The flower essences for intuition formula helps you reclaim your inner authority.  It is an excellent formula to treat doubt and discouragement. It is especially beneficial for those who repeat the mantra "I don't know". This essentially discounts your own experience.

For best results use this formula 3 times a day for 1 month straight, it can be used safely for up to 3 months.

3 Levels of the Flower Essences for Intuition Formula

  1. trust - in yourself and your inner wisdom

  2. clarity - mental and emotional clarity

  3. protection - from negative influences and projection

Flower Essences for Intuition

Healing Qualities: helps you get in touch with, trust your gut and follow your inner knowing; supports you to act with certainty and be in tune with the flow of wisdom from your higher self.

Artists, musicians, creative types and sensitive people would also enjoy this formula. As would those who know they have spiritual gifts but have not accessed them yet.

The flower essences for intuition formula contains the following 6 flowers.

Beargrass: An essence of personal mastery helps us to hear the communication from the deep core of our self. It helps to carry that info to the outer parts of our personality, making it available. Access to our deep truths, anchors wisdom and insight.

Bellflower: This essence is for discovering and trusting your inner wisdom. Many people have access to their inner wisdom, it is that they do not trust it. This essence helps to dispel self doubt and foster deep trust. The inner voice is 'small' and 'quite' when compared to the shouting of the external world. The inner voice relies on strong self acceptance and a practiced ability to honor all things that arise from the self.

Blue Columbine: (Aquilegia viscosa) This beautiful blue flower helps with anchoring our divine blueprint carried in our wisdom body. It strengthens our connection with our higher self and supports us to embody our inner knowing. An excellent remedy to treat doubt and build confidence.

Horned Bladderwort: This remedy helps us make clear decisions based on inner truth. This remedy helps us see through lies, confusion and misconceptions. Horned Bladderwort strengthens one to perceive the truth in all situations and empowers one to act from that truth, confidence grows as perception becomes clearer - heals trauma related to deception.

Monkshood: An essence for accessing your inner wisdom and guidance that springs from within. It supports getting in touch with deep inner wisdom and clairvoyance. It also treats vague fears, especially those related to spirituality.

Queen Anne's Lace: Projection is the enemy of true perception. Queen Anne's Lace flower essence hedges against projection, assisting with keeping our perceptions clear and balanced.

Intuition is something we can cultivate. A few recommendations include spending time alone in silence, meditation, and deep listening.

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