Desert Lily flower essence

July 17, 2022

Desert Lily flower essence

Water is integral to the creation of all flower essences. Making a flower essence involves participation of all the elements. But in essence it is the water element which holds vibration. There is a moment in the essence creation process where the water becomes the "essence". This creative process is concluded after a period of time when the essence/water is bottled and brandy is added. This whole process is a co-creative communion of the elemental forces combined with intention and consciousness.

Water is a mystery, one I find truly fascinating. For those who are curious I encourage you to dive into the many interesting scientific and esoteric writings on water. But, in this post I will muse on Desert Lily flower essence and it's relationship to water. Desert lily grows in the Anza Borrego desert region of Southern California and this is where the essence was co-created.

The Absence and Presence of Water

The desert is characterized by an absence of water. And, at the same time the ancient presence of water is evident. Standing deep in the desert gazing at the mountains that hold the land like a bowl one can sense the once marine past. It is not hard to imagine because to this day one can find fossilized shells and related marine artifacts on dry land. 

The desert is stark as is the absence and presence of water. There is clear evidence of water erosion it shapes the place. The wide arroyos are fun to wander in and will turn into a raging river in a downpour. Distant stands of California fan palm indicate an oasis a true refuge alive with bird songs and a stopping point for all manner of local animals. In this wide vast landscape you will find the Desert Lily.

Desert Lily flower essence

There is a way Desert lily contrasts with it's environment and much can be gleaned from this contrast. After the winter rain this fragrant, supple, white lily blooms like a balm for the soul. I've been working with this flower essence for about 15 years. In this time I've found it is useful for those who have a dryness to their energy. This can be characterized by a headiness and actual dryness. Upon questioning such people feel dehydrated as if they can't drink enough water coupled with a sense of 'burnout'.

Beauty, Energy, and the Desert Within

Desert lily flower essence also has a relationship with beauty and emotional restoration. Some people are sensitive to the a lack of beauty in the built environment. This can be strip malls and asphalt or anemic housing and cookie cutter dwellings. To some this lack of 'beauty' can be almost characterized as a type of depression, a deep longing for soulfulness. This essence can restore emotional energy lost to this type of modern day affliction. I have also seen this essence inspire people to take an active role in beautifying their personal environment and surroundings.

Other considerations for using desert lily flower essence:

  • You find it hard to tolerate heat
  • You are drained by a lack of beauty in your environment
  • To reconnect with feminine water energy
  • To counter the rigors of dry air and sterile environments during travel
  • To inspire you to bring more care to your world

Final thoughts, Desert Lily flower essence is a great modern day balm. With so much literal and metaphorical heat in the world and the relational field this essence helps you reconnect with the soothing energy of cool waters. So if you feel an inner desertification consider Desert Lily flower essence to support a moist, radiant, and supple inner self.

Here is a testimonial I received many years ago.
I honestly began feeling positive effects of the flower essence immediately!(In response to using Desert Lily flower essence for dehydration.)
Allassandra, Ojai, CA

Please note nothing in this post is medical advice and desert lily does not address medical issues.


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