Elder in the Sun and Moon

September 27, 2022

Elder in the Sun and Moon

Seven years ago I made Elderberry flower essence in Ojai, CA. The Elder plant has a wide geographical spread. You can find elder growing in Mexico, Europe, much of the lower 48 states, Puerto Rico and South America. Point is it grows in a lot of places and elderberries is a common winter seasonal remedy. The flowers are also used in cordials as well as folk medicine.

In spring the small trees flower. Their off white blossoms display in wide umbrella like sprays, similar to yarrow or Queen Anne's Lace. The flowers have a musky floral aroma favored by bees. If you can harvest the berries before the birds eat them they are wonderful dried and make a nice winter tea. Elder has a long history of use by humans and as the name suggests it is one of our plant elders. Writings of its use go back to ancient Greece. And in the folk medicine tradition of Europe Elder was considered an entire pharmacy.

Elderberry Flower Essence

Elder in the sun and moon - I wanted co-create a rounded flower essence of the elder. So I made two essences one under the sun and one under the moon. I felt the plant had so much wisdom to offer that I employed the sun and the light of the full moon to build this essence. The Elderberry flower essence draws on the plants healing virtues and transfers them to the more subtle dimensions.

Here we find it brings in a lightness which can lift the pale mood brought on by illness. Health struggles can leave us feeling depleted in the near term and at times this depleted feeling can persist for weeks. A prolonged recovery like this can feel like an emotional weight. When the process drags on we may feel like we have lost that thread of well being which once had. This is where I find the spiritually vitalizing qualities of Elderberry flower essence to shine.

The Elderberry flower essence has nutritive quality on the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It helps diffuse the heaviness that accompanies chronic conditions and illness. It has a cleansing effect on the subtle bodies and this helps increase the light quotient of the astral body. Elderberry flower essence is a nice tonic for those who are sick, worn down, depleted and weary. It restores optimism and a bit of radiance when we feel dragged down and unwell.

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