Connections Formula

May 29, 2020

Connections Formula

Connecting with others is just as important to health as eating right, exercising, and limiting alcohol. As a flower essence therapist I come across many clients who suffer from a "Vitamin C deficiency". By vitamin C I mean the vitamin of Community and Connection. It is true no man or woman is an island. And, finding others to bond and connect with enriches life in a meaningful way.

The Connections Formula

While some folks find socializing and connecting easy others find it to be a challenge. The reasons people find it a challenge to connect can be many. So I looked at how to address it from the perspective of flower essences and the Connections Formula was born. Being open to connecting can be risky. Because it requires us to step out of our comfort zone. This does not have to be crippling and it can be made easier with flower essences.

Those who will benefit from this formula include:

  • People who feel timid around others.
  • Those who want to connect but access fear in response.
  • Folks who want to feel more comfortable opening up
  • Individuals who want community and connection but feel blocked
  • Men and women who are working towards greater empathy and openness

The Connections formula also harmonizes group energy. This can be invaluable for team projects and group work and it can add depth to a well established group. It can also help couples discover deeper levels of connection and intimacy.

The Connections formula contains the following essences:

Arizona Lupine: helps us be ourselves among others
Bush Mallow: learning to connect with the heart
Calendula: warmth in communicating
Japanese Knotweed: group harmony
Phenakite (gem elixir): harmonizes group energy
Pink Yarrow: supports emotional containment and openness
Yellow Mariposa Lily: encourages empathy and openness

Connections Formula 

The Connections Formula comes is sold in a 1 ounce amber glass dropper bottle at stock level dilution.

The Connections Spray

The Connections formula is also available as a spray. The space we share is equally important to harmony. So why not seed greater harmony with the Connections Spray? Simply give each corner of your home a spritz. And, if you are hosting a gathering use the Connections spray prior to the arrival of your guests.  seeds the energy of harmonious connections.

The Connections Spray is available in a 4 ounce cobalt blue bottle at stock level dilution. The spray is tastefully scented with Cedar wood essential oil.

 The Connections Bundle include a 1 oz dropper and 4oz spray

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