Chronic Conditions Part 4 Restoring Confidence

April 16, 2022

Chronic Conditions Part 4 Restoring Confidence

In a 3 part series I posted last year I detailed my journey with a chronic infection. I am circling back to this topic 8 months later to address an emotional aspect of this journey. Early in 2022 I had a big flare up that really took the wind out of my sails. In the throes of this flare I discovered a subtle emotional response which I felt was holding me back. What I identified was a lack of confidence or insecurity regarding my health. It was a feeling that lingered in the background but I felt was key to regaining that cherished sense of well being.

Within the framework of holism which is how I approach life I recognized the importance of addressing this underlying emotional/thought pattern. This pattern was informing my behavior. And, what we do or don't do impacts our health. Our emotions provide provide the energy to move us in a chosen direction. So with this insecurity it was hard to act to move from a place of despair. Confidence is a fuel for the energy system. It helps us to act with conviction. Decisive action can lead too small successes and these serve as scaffolding to build on.

I offer these posts as connection points for others navigating the realm of health and well being. They are not medical advice, as I am not a doctor. At best they are like a cheerleader's cheer, something from the outside to offer encouragement and understanding as we navigate the often confusing world of chronic conditions.

Addressing Insecurity and Restoring Confidence

In general insecurity will undermine any endeavor and feeling fragile in health will add to insecurity. Days of poor sleep, little stamina, and wonky digestion is enough to discombobulate the best of us. But, when it is on top of a chronic infection it can almost leave one feeling hopeless or apathetic. Especially if you are "trying" actively to turn things around. You can feel very alone, bereft, and orphaned from health. The following are some essences which address insecurity and support confidence.

Columbine flower essence: I really really like this essence for a number of reasons and I use it to address a wide range of emotions related to low self esteem. Columbine flower essence helps us re-constellate around deeper feelings of self love, self appreciation and self esteem. Use this essence when you are unable to value yourselves or when trauma has caused feelings of unworthiness and low self esteem. It adds a great deal of strength to the first 3 chakras, improving the tone and function of the solar plexus chakra.

Explorer's Gentian flower essence: This flower essence can be a balm to those who feel they've lost their steam. It can help us tune into what we do have and to access inner resources and find the positive and favorable in trying times. This is a favorite essence of mine for finding the strength to meet adversity, heal from turmoil and re-gain access to the flow of positive life force. This essence is like a tonic to treat loss of drive, diminished enthusiasm and mid life funk.

Matillija Poppy flower essence: This is a wonderful balancing and strengthening flower essence. It balances the flow of energy between the root and crown chakras - helping to bring all chakras into alignment. It can balance the elements as they express within us. It balances Air with grounding, Earth with lightness, Fire with cool and Water with structure.I really like to use this essence to help restore rhythm disrupted by adversity.

These are only 3 flower essences out many. I wanted to spotlight these 3 because they have been beneficial to me and my clients. These essences are available for purchase. And in the next post I will go more into beliefs and ways we've arrived at such beliefs as well as supportive measures.


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