Chronic Conditions Part 3 - Spirit for Well Being

August 29, 2021

Chronic Conditions Part 3 - Spirit for Well Being

In this post of the series the focus is on flower essences for spiritual support. When our body is in pain and our mind and emotions lack vitality we can draw nourishment from the spiritual dimension. For many others, myself included having a spiritual practice has been a life saver.

A dedicated spiritual practice can support and "feed" us as we heal. Cultivating a spiritual practice can also help us in our day to day. How do we deal with the mounting pressures of life? How doe we meet the challenges and maintain peace of mind? One simple way is to build a spiritual practice into your day. Your practice can involves prayer, meditation, yoga, reading spiritual works or chanting. Any of these can be the backbone of recovery.

The essence suggestions I have to share are simple. They have helped me and many others deepen and grow as we heal.

Flower Essences to support Spiritual Practice

Joy Drops and Spray: Joy is restorative, built into Joy is humor, lightness and laughter and we all know the saying "laughter is the best medicine". Laughter is known to support immune health and relax the body. Here is a wonderful piece on the benefits of laughter, link. The Joy blend carries a lightness and this can help take the edge off any weighty feelings we carry.

Meditation drops and Spray: 20 minutes of meditation a day offer benefits that can make lasting changes. Many universities and institutions have done some wonderful work on this subject. Here is another article outlining the benefits of a meditation practice link. Meditation has greatly assisted my healing journey, at times it seemed to be the main driver carrying though the day.

Stream Orchid: This flower essence restores the light of hope. It has a strong connection with the divine and the angelic hierarchy for healing. Very good for times of darkness, depression and deep healing crisis.

Wellness and Restoration Formula: This is a unique and dynamic formula I co-created to aid the work of Dr. Robirds a Nevada based chiropractor. It comes in a spray bottle and can be used externally, in the bath, and on the skin. It carries a deeply restorative green and pink energy. It is soothing and comforting and aids the energy body as we recover.

What is offered here are suggestions to aid your well being. This is not medical advice and I am not a doctor. If you need medical help search out and work with a qualified health professional for your needs.

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