Chronic Conditions Part 2 - Essences for Hope and Strength

August 14, 2021

Chronic Conditions Part 2  - Essences for Hope and Strength

Following up on Part 1 in this post I share essences to aid both hope and strength. Chronic conditions can challenge us in many ways and it can be difficult to maintain a faithful attitude. In the hours, days, weeks, and months that we feel unable it can be hard to see a way a through. I offer you a few flower essences to support hope and strength.

Flower Essences for Strength and Hope

Date Palm:A powerful rejuvenator for the entire system. On an energetic level it increases life force.

Explorer's Gentian: Tuning into what we do have, accessing our resources, assistance with finding the positive and favorable in trying times. Finding the strength to meet adversity, heal from turmoil and re-gain access to the flow of positive life force. This remedy is like a tonic use to treat loss of drive, diminished enthusiasm and mid life funk. A good essences for those who are recovering from a long term illness or trial and feel drained and still in recovery

Red Gum: A remedy for those who suffer from overwork and burnout. For times when you feel flat, and have lost steam and perspective - helps us re-orient when we feel aimless and lack direction. Has an affinity for the lungs - good for jet lag. 

Self Heal: This essence activates the innate self healing capacities of body. It has many applications. Self heal supports trust in our ability to heal. If you are unwell and don't know where to turn, what to do next consider using Self Heal. On numerous occasions I have seen this flower essence help people find clarity for the next leg of their healing journey.

Other useful essences include: borage, elderberry, eucalyptus, and Rebalance/Restore.

Stay tuned for part 3 Spiritual Practice as the Backbone to well being

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