3 Flower Essences for Burnout

March 26, 2022

3 Flower Essences for Burnout

Burnout touches us all at some point in life. The word is quite interesting burnout implies an active process. The context which burnout is used implies a deep expenditure. This suggests a willful drainage of life force energy something we do to ourselves. The 3 essences featured below offer a cooling energy to counter burnout.

Burnout is a blend of overwork, lack of fulfillment, and lack of adequate rest. There maybe projects, jobs, and activities we once took pleasure in but now conjure lackluster sentiment. The truth is we all hit burnout at some point. The factors will vary for each of us but there is a through line. I think many us at times feel that burnout is baked into our way of life. There is talk of "work/life" balance but rarely is it modeled. As such we have come to accept burnout as part of the job.

To address any adverse situation I do encourage adequate lifestyle adjustments. It would be unwise to say "take these 3 or 1 of these 3 flower essences and you will be fine". Instead use these flower essences as support while you make changes and to help you make changes. 

Three Flower Essences for Burnout

Desert Canterbury Bells: This spring wild flower is native to the  California desert. This member of the borage family has blue flowers and thrives after the winter rains. Desert Canterbury Bells  flower essence is for emotional burnout, despair, loss of hope, and depletion. It lightens a tense heart and throat and is good for those who operate with much stress and tend to get red in the face. It sends a signal of safety throughout the system this helps us to relax and rejuvenate. 

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Desert Lily: This California desert plant has a soothing uplifting soft floral fragrance. The entire plant seems to emanate a coolness in contrast to the dry sun baked habitat where it grows. This flower essence is good for dehydration, and 'dryness' in the personality. Those who suffer from a 'lack of beauty' or a history of such a lack would enjoy this essence. It is good for replenishing vital forces of water in the soul and psyche. It can help restore emotional energy and verve. This essence also restores lightness to those negatively affected by their surroundings. Good for imbalances due to heat and fire.

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Eucalyptus: This plant is native to Australia but has found a home along the California coast. It now grows in large stands from San Diego up through San Francisco. The fragrant oils in Eucalyptus leaves are cooling and penetrating. But, these oils also make the plant very flammable. As such they have become quite a threat in the hot dry California summers.

Eucalyptus is a fortifying essence. I've included this essence because it helps us renew our commitment to our life goals. Encountering burnout in pursuit of life goals is common. Often lofty pursuits require extended energy expenditure. Eucalyptus flower essence is an aid when we feel flat in this pursuit. It also revives interest in daily work that tasks. Additionally this essence can help us process grief.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and found some use in the suggestions. Please note this is far from all the essences that can help. But, I wanted to give you all some insights into essences that can help address aspects of burnout.

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