Bouncing Bet Flower Essence

August 28, 2020

Bouncing Bet Flower Essence

Discontent is an insidious feeling, subtle and overt at times; it can be mildly or wildly disruptive to our lives. Especially when our discontent is connected to the mundane: the routine of job and/or responsibility. Over time it becomes a sort of baseline feeling that runs through our life. The fact that it's not so overt but part of the daily routine is its worst eroding quality.

Bouncing Bet Flower Essence

The erosion happens in a way that is almost unrecognizable because it is so common. We loss interest, the world is not as bright; we are cut off from a feeling and we forgot when and where that happened. A schism has occurred and we participate in it actually give it fodder by continuing the patterns that led to the feeling of discontent. But a sense of responsibility keeps us plodding on and resolution seems out of reach. This kind of feeling eventually will wear on our health, relationships, and peace of mind.

The Bouncing Bet flower essence helps with this all too common feeling. It  alleviates the feeling of discontent that comes along with the “inevitable” aspects of our life; such as going to work in the morning. It has a soothing quality on the mind which helps one find the kernels of brightness and find more contentment in life and routine.

This essence works mainly on the mental body; by helping us to release feelings of discontent. This will have an equal effect on our emotions. A calmer more content mind will ultimately lead to a more enriching emotional life. Releasing these feelings of discontent opens the space within that allows healthy energy to flow through our system. The benefits are many, as this renewal gives us the strength to create more opportunities in our lives, more of the life we want.

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