Bach Flower Essences for Addiction

January 03, 2020

Bach Flower Essences for Addiction

Do you want to break your addiction to food, sugar, sex, drugs, tobacco or alcohol? Do you suffer and know that you just need a little support to make the changes you desire? If yes then this special combination of flower essences is for you. It will help you emotionally and psychologically put an end to addiction.

Flower essences take aim at the emotional and psychological roots of addiction they provide the emotional and psychological support you need to help break the cycle of addiction. Bach flower essences get at the roots of addiction and their emotional components. Making the process of addiction release easier and lasting.

Over the years I have received many thank you notes and compliments for making this formula available. Drawing on 20 years of knowledge I assembled this blend. If you are serious about making changes this is for you. Please note this formula is preserved with vinegar

The Bach Flower Essence for Addiction Formula is an intricate blend which targets ingrained emotional patterns and supports positive change. The flower essences in this formula treat:

  • Painful emotions at the root of addiction
  • Feelings of loss of control
  • Obsessive behaviors related to addiction
  • Shame and guilt
  • Suffering, pain, and dark emotions
  • Inability to break from limiting influences

These Bach flower essences for addiction provide support while trying to quit smoking, end addictive eating, or any instance which you want to end the cycle of addiction. This formula should be used 4 times a day or more often if  needed.

Some of the Bach flower essences in this formula include agrimony, cherry plum, pine and 6 other key flower essences. You can end addiction and bring an end to the cycle that has kept from living they healthy life you desire.


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