Asiatic Day Flower - flower essence

November 08, 2022

Asiatic Day Flower - flower essence

As the name suggests the day flower lasts for just one day. The blue petals blend nicely with the green grassy leaves.This plant can be found growing over a diverse range, it is a common in gardens and wild places around the globe. The Asiatic Day Flower - flower essence was one of the first essences I made and it is a key essence in the Trauma Kit, our corner stone collection.

This is an important flower essence for patience, tolerance and balance.It is wonderful for those who wonder "How do we/I achieve and maintain balance in a fast paced society?"

Balance Through Peace

An answer to this has been to balance with extremes, but this is not true balance. The way Asiatic day flower - flower essence supports balance is by instilling peace. From peace the inner balance we access can help us meet the world with more grace, poise, tolerance and patience.

This is a useful remedy for those engaged in multi tasking. Multi tasking is handling more than one task at the same time by a single person. It is a dynamic way to work and an easy way to get pulled off center. Asiatic day flower can help a person remain calm and peaceful when engaged in multi tasking.

It also addresses the avoidant aspects that are the underlying factors driving multi tasking. Asiatic day flower flower essence helps us be present with what needs to be done in the moment. This presence helps us move forward with greater ease. This is a timely essence, a gift to our modern world where time seems both more compressed and intangible.

Chaos Now and Then

Those who live or work in a chaotic environment and for those who've had a chaotic childhood would enjoy this essence. It helps such souls find their center and branch out from there. Chaotic environments and such conditioning train us to live in way were we feel on edge and unable to relax. We get used to the chaos and operate accordingly even though on a conscious level we desire more peace and a different way to live. Asiatic day flower essence can help address that unconscious aspect and help us make choices more aligned with the conscious aim of finding peace. As such I've found this flower essence is useful for digestive disturbances due to exigency and related lifestyle choices. 

Indications: feelings of being off center, out of balance, out of touch with peace and spaciousness, for those challenged by the demands of multi tasking, for those who desire to find more peace with said lifestyle, good for exigency

Healing potential: for restoring peace, balance and joy to the personality, helps you come from center and learn the lesson of balance by instilling peace

Asiatic Day Flower Flower Essence

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