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Arizona Lupine Flower Essence

December 11, 2020

Arizona Lupine Flower Essence

The Arizona Lupine flower essence was co-created in the Colorado desert region of Southern California. A common wildflower it blooms from February through April. Arizona Lupine grows in colonies and its tall purple spires gracefully color the desert landscape in spring. Arizona Lupine is an important species for the ecosystem and as an essence it teaches us about community relations.

Research Overview and Applications for Arizona Lupine Flower Essence

Membership within a group or community can present identity challenges. Some people feel they must over inflate to stand out, while others shrink so they don't' stand out. But, there is a place where our authentic self and the group matrix can co-exist. A place where the authentic self blends well yet doesn't get absorbed, where it can be its self and be cooperative. Arizona Lupine flower essence teaches the lessons of together/separate, cooperative/individual, unique/harmonized. This flower essence helps us to harmonize our personal energy so within a group our energy is neither offending or overpowering.

Arizona lupine flower essence is helpful for people who experience low energy when interacting with groups of people. Often in groups it is emotionally satisfying to contribute in a way that is harmonious when this doesn't happen it can indicate that there is an energy imbalance in the system as it relates to the group dynamic. Arizona Lupine flower essence can help heal this imbalance and thus restore more lightness and ease in group interaction. It helps to heal divisions between different people and different parts of oneself.

The final aspect of Arizona Lupine flower essence that I want to touch upon is healing trauma that is group or family inflicted. This essence helps to heal trauma as the result of being ostracized because we have chosen to follow a different life path outside of the group or family. This essence heals the emotional pathways in the body that have been damaged by ostracism. It can be a very helpful essence for people who want to recover confidence, trust, and faith. It will also help heal wounds in the psyche as a result of ostracism.

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