Surviving Agitation and Overwhelm

August 21, 2020

Surviving Agitation and Overwhelm

Are you feeling tense, overwhelmed, or agitated? You are not alone. We are easily impacted by by all the events happening both at home and abroad. Whether it be extremes in weather, divisive politics, or the global pandemic. It is not uncommon for our energy system to contract in response to the abnormal times we live in. You may feel immune to all this but still operate with a general sense of unease regardless.

It is important for the nervous system to feel safe.This helps us to feel calm, at peace and provides a sense of gentle sense okay-ness. In general there are some common reactions to this type of life stress.

Common emotional and psychological reactions:

  • agitated

  • on edge

  • uncertain

  • dis-empowered

  • more tense than usual

  • sense of overwhelm

  • difficulty unwinding

  • a general inability to feel grounded and safe

The Extraordinary Times Collection to the Rescue . . .

Back in March of this year 2020, I assembled a kit of 15 flower essences called I coined The Extraordinary Times Collection. I wanted to give people an easy to access collection of flower essences to address the variety reactions to these current times. It is close to 6 months later and these essences are just as applicable now as they were then. Some essences from the collection:

Calm Essence:

Use this blend when you feel “keyed up” and are unable to relax. The Calm blend should be used when you feel nervous, strained, edgy or under pressure it will help you unwind. It is excellent for helping to pacify the mind, emotions and nervous system.

River of Support: This is a unique blend of essences that is uplifting and calming. It helps with feelings of loneliness and despondency. It offers a support to help us navigate this river of life.

Western Mimulus:
For the release of trapped anger and frustration. This essence helps us contact healthy expressions of anger. It helps us to overcome shyness and access our courage in the face of fear. A good essence for those who feel dis-empowered.


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