A wiki wiki - June Flower Essene of the Month

June 01, 2023

A wiki wiki - June Flower Essene of the Month

A wiki wiki flower essence was one of the first essences I co-created. I initially  made it on Kauai island in 2007, then again in 2018. A wiki wiki is the Hawaiian name for canavalia maritima a member of the legume family. Flower essences from the legume family help with establishing connections.

A wiki wiki flower essence is wonderful for helping us to restore our connection with our "higher self". The concept of the higher self spans a variety of spiritual paths. The word higher is not a qualifying term but is used to indicate that aspect of ourselves which knows and is in touch with the broader vision of our life path.

Inner Light Clouded

This essence is perfect when we feel our inner light or our heart light has been dampened or extinguished. This can happen in times of stress, anxiety, frustration or the like. In these moments a wiki wiki flower essence offers and infusion of pink light into the heart chakra. This brings relieve and restoration as it counteracts the contractions brought on by fear and stress.

This fear and stress cuts us off from our inner knowing because when we are in these states we are more susceptible to doubt. Fear leaves the door open to an array of disconcerted feelings. At these times it is easy to only think the worst.  A wiki wiki flower essence helps to restore inner certainty and this supports feelings of hope and clarity.

Uses for A wiki wiki flower essence

In my practice I use it for trauma that has extinguished the 'heart light'. This essence lightens an overburdened heart. A good indication that someone would benefit from this essence is those who carry tension, grief, or heaviness in their hearts. You may find it useful during times of anxiety, stress, or related life challenge or anytime you feel cut off from your deeper wisdom. It is supportive in pointing people to greater certainty.

Folks who might benefit from this essence include those who are stressed and have a hard time feeling unburdened. It can help in times of confusion to bring inner clarity and peace. It is good for acute stress as well as long term stress patterns.

Companion essences include Blue Vervain, Hummingbird Sage, Mt. Apple, Purple Sage, and Sweet Pepperbush.

A wiki wiki flower essence is found in the Trauma Kit - to purchase this flower essence use this link.

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