Flower Essence Greetings


What are Flower Essences?
This is a question I receive quite often. Initially some people have difficulty understanding what flower essences are. This is because flower essences have such a wide range of benefits and uses. Flower essences are an effective way to harness the healing power of flowers. Flower essences are some of the most powerful tools for personal development, emotional healing, and spiritual growth.

To sum it up  . . .

Flower essences are catalysts. They stimulate stagnant energy stuck in patterns of fear, anxiety, repressed emotions, hopelessness and negativity, etc.

Flower essences are strengtheners. They support a system that is weakened due to stress, duress, challenge, or change

Flower essences are healers of damaged self esteem. They allow for changes in feelings of self-love, worthiness, self acceptance and confidence.

Flower essences are vehicles for moving healthy energy into the system. They help create states of peace, balance and joy.

Flower essences assist with the undoing of guilt complexes, subconscious barriers, self sabotage, and deeply ingrained negative beliefs.

But to get the most benefit from flower essences you must use them . . . so consider either scheduling a personal consultation or purchasing some essences.

 Personal consultations – The bulk of my work is with people who want professional support to help them achieve their goals and over come persistent emotional blocks. To learn more about my work as a flower essence therapist visit the testimonials page.

The Your Personal Formula option – this feature allows you to craft a formula of 5-7 flower essences into a single formula. For your personal dosage bottle you can select flower essences from Bach, FES, Australian Bush Remedies, Woodland Essence as well as any Essence Alchemy essences.

Essence Alchemy offers a new generation of flower essences.  These essences are currently used by a variety of health practitioners including chiropractors, acupuncturists, body workers and other flower essence therapists.

Essence Alchemy is run by Mark D’Aquila a flower essence therapist and researcher. For the past 19 years he has been exploring how flower essences can be used to bring about emotional health and vitality.

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