Space Clearing Class  May 7th 2017

Old energy can accumulate in our home, office, closet, and even our vehicle. Just like we clean our sheets, carpets, and counter tops we can clean the space that we live and breathe in. Utilizing the cleansing power of nature we can remove unwanted, old, darkened, and dis-eased energy just like our ancestors once did.

The Space Clearing process effectively lifts, brightens and removes unwanted energy. Once this old energy has been cleared the space is ready for new energy to flourish. Spring is the perfect time to cleanse and refresh our space and invite in the new.

First 5 Sign Ups Receive a $25 discount

Price: $125.00

What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are catalysts. They stimulate stagnant energy stuck in patterns of fear, anxiety, repressed emotions, hopelessness and negativity, etc.

Flower essences are strengtheners. They support a system that is weakened due to stress, duress, challenge, or change

Flower essences are healers of damaged self esteem. They allow for changes in feelings of self-love, worthiness, self acceptance and confidence.

Flower essences are vehicles for moving healthy energy into the system. They help create states of peace, balance and joy.

Flower essences assist with the undoing of guilt complexes, subconscious barriers, self sabotage, and deeply ingrained negative beliefs.

They were first used medicinally by Dr. Edward Bach in the early 20th century. The work he began 80+ years ago serves is a guidepost as flower essence therapy enters the 21st century.

Essence Alchemy is run by Mark D’Aquila a flower essence therapist and researcher. For the past 17 years he has been exploring how flower essences can be used and applied to bring about emotional health and vitality.

The 4 Main Features of Essence Alchemy

1.) Personal consultations – the bulk of my work is with people who want professional support to help them achieve their goals and over come persistent emotional blocks.

2.) The Your Personal Formula option – this feature allows you to craft a formula of 5-7 flower essences into a single formula. For your personal dosage bottle you can select flower essences from Bach, FES, Delta Gardens, Australian Bush Remedies, Woodland Essence as well as any Essence Alchemy essences.

3.) Combination formulas – the formulas in this section are made up of a variety of different flower essences, I offer these formulas based upon my research and understanding of how flower essences work.

4.) The offering of a new generation of flower essences. Over the past 11 years I have traveled across the country and even over seas to find new plants for flower essence research. Most of my flower essences are in the research category and I offer you the ones with most clinical use and understanding.

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