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The Kauai Kit and The River Kit

November 26, 2021

The Kauai Kit and The River Kit

The Kauai Kit is made of flower essences from the Garden Island. While 5 of the essences in the Trauma Kit are from Kauai, this kit is made exclusively from flowers of the island.
Banana Poka: Useful for clearing blocks in the sacral chakra

Coprosum: for removing barriers from the heart chakra; helps us access more clear internal awareness

Cotton(Hawaiian): Use to enhance life force and support rejuvenation of the skin and hair

Crepe flower: helps those who are shy embrace their talents

Hawaiian Holly: helps us let go of ridged and aggressive tendencies and access more humor and heart centered lightness. Good for those who feel enveloped in a dark mood.

Karaka: Helps the body process energetic and metabolic waste from the tissue; carries a strong ‘green’ energy for cleansing and renewal.

Koa: This essence supports clarity of mind, purpose, and direction. It helps us overcome apathy and embrace possibility.

Mimosa: helps clear the mind of derogatory thoughts towards oneself

Naupaka: supports a grounded connection between the upper chakras and feet. Supports alignment along the vertical access which helps us ground and access our truth

Noni: Strengthens health especially on the cellular level. Those who feel deprived of light would benefit from this essence.

Philipene Orchid: Connects the heart and higher self, supporting you to draw in loving energy

Railway Creeper: Helps to heal spiritual doubt, good for those struggling with spiritual issues

Rose Myrtle: This essence is a softener it infuses pink energy into the root chakra encouraging safety and release from constriction. Supports general ease and openness towards others.

Sida: This essences helps the etheric body absorb energetic nourishment and restore depleted yin energy. It tightens and reinforces the aura and etheric body bringing balance and fluidity.

Thimbleberry: Helps balance the rhythmic process of the body.

Vine: Helps us return to our energy and power in a centered way. Useful for those who can’t say no taking on other person’s karma and burdens.



The River Kit is made from the bounty of summer wild flowers. It encapsulates the season from Solstice to Equinox.The title refers to the beautiful and grand St. Lawrence river. This river forms a boundary between Canada and the US. In upstate New York where the river flows you will find the Thousand Island region. A geographical zone home to a islands large and small.

Autumn Onion: This essence lightens heaviness and supports grounding, emotional relief, it brings comfort in times of darkness.

Beggar's Ticks: This essence supports clarity, returning to the core; “I know what I’m doing” is a mantra of this essence. Helps us to honor our self and can help resolve identity issues as the result of an abusive father

Bell Flower: Use for “infectious” emotions, addresses lack of trust and confidence, this essence will help you to tune into and trust your intuition and inner guidance. We all have access to this aspect of ourselves the main issue is we don’t trust it.

Closed Gentian: Helps us let go of past burdens; helps us see options in a clear light; helps us access our core essence beyond fear and doubt.It also helps us open to the mystery of what is possible. It treats doubt and discouragement, for those afraid to take risks and venture into the unknown. Fatih, trust and confidence develops as doubt subsides and resistance softens. Use for fear and closed perspective due to perceived safety.

Cottongrass: A clearing essence which works on multiple levels to help us gently release the energetic legacies of injury, abuse, and trauma. This essence can help translate the release through the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  

Hawkweed: People who tend to compare themselves to others, trust other peoples opinions over their own, helps bring calmness to the spirit; addresses despair caused by lack of confidence; addresses isolation, feeling lost and out of step, victim.

Hemp Nettle: clears negative astral influences; helpful for people who define themselves by their past negative actions which inhibits them from moving forward.  

Pink Bean: emotional evolution, helps to shield a person from negative energy strengthens the mind to receive higher emotional thought patterns

Pink Mebomia: reverses depressive moods, motivating, uplifting, helps us orient towards goal directed behavior, helps us cut through confusion, it also serves to bolster a stressed energy field

Silverweed: clarity, breaks ties, with others an excellent essence for those who attract dark personalities.

Smooth Gerandia: Aligns and strengthens the heart chakra. Use for blocked grief, where we shut down and haven’t let our selves feel. Supports expansion in the chest, letting go of old emotional pain.

Swamp Rose Mallow: for people who don’t feel they fit in for releasing obstacles from lessons that have been learned, helps clear crown chakra, helps us be more open to relating and intimacy.

Toadflax:  Treats self criticism, opens the throat chakra, and may useful for all manner of throat and related gland imbalances.

Wild Morning Glory: It helps to restore rhythmic balance to the energy system. It is good for those who have disrupted rhythms that drain energy, life force, and vitality.

Willow Herb: Use for people who are ashamed of an aspect of themselves, brings light to the 5th chakra, helps with feelings of hopelessness, helps us let go of negative belief systems, helps us see opportunities available to us.

Woodsage: Supports greater wholeness; when a person is at odds with others it is a reflection of being at odds with the self. This essence helps to harmonize this dysfunctional pattern. Helps to elevate the thoughts, mind and perspective and to heal the heart fragmented by discontent. It brings together pieces and supports wholeness within the person.



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