Your Personal Formula

flower essences

Make your own flower essence formula with up to 7 flower essences for 1/2 the price of purchasing them individually.

Price: $17.95


How to use this option:
Simply add this selection to your shopping cart. Then type in the names of the essences in the space provided save your selection and proceed to check out.

What are the advantages of making a Personal Formula?

When using flower essences to treat a condition you typically need 4-7 flower essences at once. The easiest way to take all the essences at once is to make a dosage bottle. A dosage bottle is made by adding 4 drops of each essence to a neutral solution of water and brandy. Now you can conveniently use all your essences at one time.


Some Advantages making your dosage bottle with Essence Alchemy

  • A dosage bottle is half the price of purchasing individual stock bottles

  • A dosage bottle lasts one month the typical treatment period when using essences

  • Essence Alchemy lets you choose from over 300 flower essences for your formula


With the Your Personal Bottle option you get to custom design a formula with up to 7 essences for only $17.95 plus shipping and handling.

In the Australian Kit there are 65 flower essences.

In the Bach Kit there are 38 flower essences.

In the Flower Essence Services kit there are 103 flower essences.

In the Delta Gardens kit there are 87 flower essences.

In the Woodland Essence kit there are 28 flower essences.

That is 321 flower essences to choose from! And, if you were to purchase 7 flower essences individually you could be spending up to $60.00. But with the Your Personal Formula option you get the essences you need and a price you can afford.

Over the years the Personal Formula option has become one of our most cherished services. Through this service we have helped hundreds of people and saved them thousands of dollars.