The French Collection

French flower essences

The magic forest of rural France.

Price: $145.00
The French Collection are some of my favorite flower essences. These flowers essences were co-created in the Averyron department in France’s Massif Central. It is a land of deep river valleys, thick woods, pure creeks, abundant fields, volcanic plateaus and glacial lakes.


wild-asparagusAsperge Sauvage:  
Price: $12.00

This flower essence helps the heart maintain balance by  releasing interfering toxic emotional and psychic energy. Use this essence in times of duress and confusion to restore clarity, self worth, and peace to the heart. Use to access the beauty, stillness, and truth of the heart.

bladder-campionBladder Campion:
Price: $12.00
This flower essence is for releasing toxic energy from childhood. It can be useful when the protective energy of the father was absent. Use this essence to address insecurity and deep fears. It helps release anguish, self blame and self generated toxic energy.

blue-columbineBlue Columbine: 
Price: $12.00
This flower essence anchors the energy of the higher self deeper into the personality. It support our spiritual selves to be more manifest and to prioritize our life purpose. Blue columbine flower essence also helps with the release of some forms of energetic attachments.

images-copyBrule Orchid: 
Price: $12.00
This is a deeply comforting and protective essence. It infuses the heart chakra with feelings of safety and peace. It is good for those who feel vulnerable and insecure, it helps one feel grounded and balanced.

bryoneBryone Dioque: 
Price: $12.00
This essence restores psychic and emotional energy to a place of clarity. It clears imprints, impressions, and memories that cause emotional turmoil, conflict and tension. Supports the release of past emotional tension with a significant other.

Price: $12.00
This  essence encourages a fullness of our energy. It helps release constrictions, blockages and traumatic imprints that cause low vitality. It carries the energy of renewal and can help us see where we disregard our physical and emotional needs.

early-purple-orchidEarly Purple Orchid: 
Price: $12.00
This essence supports vertical alignment it balance the chakras and is a tonic for the nervous system. Use to break cycles of fear and doubt, supports confidence by creating a feeling of safety. Helps us allow new energy to enter our lives. Good for the martyr, helps one to stop ignoring ones self and needs.

1600px-dactylorhiza_fuchsii3Fuch’s Orchid: 
Price: $12.00
This essences excellent for pioneers and trailblazers. It helps us to distinguish our heart’s true path and move through confusion with less resistance as our path unfolds step by step. Helpful for letting go of false identities and toxic patterns.

geranium_nodosum_enbla03Geranium Nodosum: 
Price: $12.00
This essences relieves feelings of heaviness and compression; a great remedy for cynical and critical types. Offers the freedom of happiness, lightness and optimism.


grape_hyacinth_1Grape Hyacinth: 
Price: $12.00
This essence aligns the upper and root chakra it provides a sense of grounding, upliftment and coherence; stability for the artist, dreamer and philosopher.

serapias_cordigera_02Heart Tongue Orchid: 
Price: $12.00
This essence re-connects use to grace and the stillness in the heart. Use in times of stress and upheaval. As a companion during recovery can comfort when feeling shattered.


Price: $12.00
This essence supports focus and clarity and helps release feelings of disconnection. Use when feeling un-grounded and overwhelmed to release charged energy that prevents centering and cohesion  An excellent essence for students.

oxalis_sagol_1Pink Oxalis: 
Price: $12.00
This essence helps release constrictions in the chest, heart and throat. Use at times when frustration blocks the flow of love.

Price: $12.00
This essence supports clarity. It helps us find a new perspective and acts as a counterbalance for those who feel weighed down and lost in the mundane.

vipers_bugloss_flowerVipers Bugloss: 
Price: $12.00
Use this flower essence for emotional rejuvenation. It helps those who feel emotionally depleted, listless and dis-connected from the earth. It has a grounding and strengthening energy.


yellow-archangelYellow Archangel: 
Price: $12.00
This essence gives support for positive action in the world. It helps one to tap into forces of their destiny and act with greater conviction. It carries the support of the angels and aids in connecting to higher powers. Good for those who don’t think they deserve success.


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