Tension Release Flower Essence Blend

flower essences for tension The Tension Release blend contains 5 essences:
Price: $12.00

Dandelion: relaxes the musculature; dissolves tension, stiffness and rigidity supports inner ease and awareness of the emotional patterns that cause added tension.

Desert Dandelion: softens the body eases tension caused by hot emotions, anger, aggression and impatience; helps one to flow more smoothly with life.

Desert Lily: access to grace and fluidity; for when tension and rigid tenacious cause us to dry out; address dehydration and emotional dryness.

Stephanomaria: relaxes tension held on by mind that leads to hardness and impatience in the personality; supports a spacious mental body.

Wild Thyme: helps us release tension related to the flow of time, helps us to let go of psychological time pressures.

This is one of the most practical and useful combinations available. It combines well with the Stress Relief blend. Use it externally by adding it to lotions or oils. It can also be added to the bath for an extra relaxing soak.

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