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Dr Oz Rescue Remedy and Sanity

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Buy Rescue Remedy Am I Normal?
Recently there was a segment on Dr. Oz titled “Are You Normal or Nuts”, if you have to ask chances are you are normal. You may have behavior that differs from the rest but that doesn’t make you “nuts” and in all fairness there is no such thing as “normal”.  There seems to be an idea that a normalcy exists when in reality we are all unique individuals. We may have behaviors that are uniquely ours and the a question to ask in light of this is: Does the behavior serve you or is it taking away from the quality of your life?

The questions on the Oz show were in regards to OCD behavior, Obsessive, Compulsive Disorder, fears and unresolved emotions showing up in dreams.

I personally like the Dr. Oz show and think he has brought a new perspective to the limelight, that only an MD could do. I say this because he often talks about alternatives to main stream orthodox medicine but because he is a heart surgeon what he says has credibility. So when I heard him mention on of my most favorite topics flower essences I felt compelled to chime in and expand upon the topic.

Dr. Oz and Rescue Remedy
Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy is easily the most widely used and recognized flower essence formula. Dr. Oz’s Rescue Remedy recommendation came in response to a question of how to deal with paralyzing fear. From a general perspective Rescue Remedy could benefit the person in a situation like this. But a paralyzing fear that persists for days leading up to an event would really benefit from a more nuanced approach.


I would need to speak with the person to get a sense of what is going on but right off the bat I would give this client mimulus; which is for fear of known things. A one month treatment cycle with mimulus would help to shift this behavior so it no longer bothers the individual. There is a difference between addressing a symptom and treating the person. One provides temporary relief the other is a long term solution. I am personally more interested in providing my clients with long term solutions.

Rescue Remedy
This formula was developed in the 1930’s a much different time than the one we live in. It was developed to address acute stress and anxiety that is the result of trauma or shocking news, such as a death in the family etc. There is a simplicity to this formula which makes it easy to use but as an essence practitioner I think it is being misused. As with many “alternatives” it is falling prey to the allopathic mindset, meaning it is being used to suppress a symptom and not fully address the underlying causes.

Flower Essences and The New Paradigm
Using flower essences therapeutically presents a new paradigm, it is a dramatic shift from how we currently think about health treatment. To sum up the new paradigm as best I can; I would say the New Paradigm that essences work in is to address the person not the aliment. Our current system is diseased focused, this narrow approach is normal, to want to cure a disease is totally legit. And, what if we could take a broader perspective? What if we could see the person behind the disease and treat the person?

Bach’s Vision
As a doctor Bach had this vision; it revealed itself in his case load and led to the development of flower remedies. What Dr. Bach noticed were these two points:

  • The same personality types had the same aliments and complaints
  • People coming for single disease treatment have similar personalities 

With that he concluded the following:

  • There must be a way to strengthen and balance the personality to protect from disease.
  • There must be a way to treat the personality directly and alleviate the disease.

Do you get what he was doing? He was pioneering Mind/Body medicine, his keen observation and dedication to wellness is and was revolutionary. Treat the personality so the patient regains health. I felt the need to give a concise explanation of what Bach was up to before moving on because I feel it is important to understand the intent and vision of the work if we want to get sound results when using essences.


Dr. Oz and Flower Essences
The proper use of flower essences requires a nuanced understanding if we are to truly address the causes of certain conditions.  While I do support his promotion of Rescue Remedy, I want people to understand the depth of healing essences can bring to person.

Honestly folks if you really want the best results from using flower essences, you need to work with a skilled practitioner. There is an old saying that applies here: “A doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient.” I do welcome the attention essences receive when respected folks like Dr. Oz mention them. As someone who specializes in flower essences I seek to clarify his good intent.

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Flower Essence for Shy Students

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In this post I will cover a variety of Single Flower Essences for students. This post will address topics such as studying, learning, focus and concentration. These suggestions should be considered adjuncts to a regime of diligence, interest and effort in regards to school and studying.

When shy students exhibit low self esteem and low self confidence   the pressure of learning may only re-enforce a false belief that they are not capable of the succeeding in school.  Usually they are capable but have yet to find their groove within the structured environment of school. This can be challenging especially for those sensitive students who are easily influenced by their environment.

Clematis- this is the remedy of choice for the dreamer, for the student who has trouble staying connected to what is going on. It helps one to remain present, connected and alleviate mental fog.

Elm- is the stress of what is requested of you testing you ability to maintain your poise. Do you feel unable to handle the pressure of tests and the testing environment? Consider elm to help you in times like these.

Gentian- Has a low test score got you down? Is there a subject you struggle with and just can’t seem to get right? Gentian, encourages faith, hope and perseverance in the face of such challenges.

Larch- The power of larch is that it supports us in overcoming the fear of failure. Often those needing this remedy are perfectly capable yet lack the needed confidence to achieve their desired results.

Hornbeam- When weariness has set in this is the go to remedy, great for those who get tired from studying.

Rosemary- This essence is for bringing greater vitality to the whole thinking and cognitive process. This is helpful when feelings of dullness take over, rosemary restores interest and vitality.

Mimulus- Useful when shyness is encountered in the face of challenges. Mimulus builds courage, confidence and faith to face challenges, useful when the fear is of an exaggerated nature, such as the first day of school or attending a new school.

Sunflower- This remedy fosters sun-like radiant forces within us. This remedy is great for building confidence and for overcoming fear of failure.

Missouri Primrose- This remedy is for connecting with feelings of worthiness.

Mountain Pride- This essence fosters great forces of resilience helping one to confront challenges.

Pink Yarrow- This essence supports emotional boundaries. By helping us to not take on the emotions of others, good for the sensitive soul who is too easily influenced by the thoughts and feelings of others.  

Wild Rose- Has the system your in produced apathy? When we feel we are on the fringe and neglected we can become apathetic and this cycle will feed itself.  Wild rose helps us confront apathy and move forward with renewed interest and vitality. 

Water Violet- I am including this often overlooked essence because it touches on key emotions common with shy and/or sensitive people. They tend to withdraw and avoid confrontation and competition and school has become an increasingly competitive environment.  This essence will also assist those of a sensitive nature to break out and form social bonds, this can greatly increase their confidence and lead to an overall improvement in school. Consider this essence for the withdrawn shy, sensitive soul. 

Everyone is unique and these remedies are presented as possible options for the shy student who is plagued by low self esteem and low self confidence. 

Insomnia Natural Remedies

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Below is a list of natural remedies for sleep. These are the main natural remedies that come to mind when I am asked: How can I cure insomnia and what flower essences can help me sleep better? This small list is contains my top natural remedies for insomnia. Any holistic treatments for insomnia should include at least one of these flower essences.

White Chestnut is top on the list of the Bach remedies for insomnia. This essence helps to calm an over active mind, indicated by chattering repetitive thoughts which circulate relentlessly.  Most troubling at night, white chestnut calms the restless mind to help ease us into sleep and relaxation. This is a great natural remedy for insomnia.

Lemon Balm: This essence facilitates deep relaxation of the mind; it also helps one move into an alpha state more easily.

Blue Vervain: This essence is excellent for tightness and rigidity; it helps to bring about a state of relaxation to the mind and body. This essence is great for Type A and over achiever personalities who have a hard time slowing down and relaxing.

Lavender: This essence is great for nervous insomnia; it has a soothing quality that helps calm the nerves, mind and spirit. Lavender is a wonderful essence for highly sensitive people, it may also be combined  with Aspen brings strength to highly refined souls who suffer from anxiety.

Blueberry Cactus:This essence works similar to White Chestnut; in that it helps to slow the mind down. Blueberry cactus also has calming properties that help one to gain deeper states of relaxation, facilitating deeper sleep and more restful sleep. This is a great essence to use for the treatment of insomnia.

If you suffer from nightmares trying adding St. John’s Wort to any of the above essences in a sleep formula.

How to Use:
For the high strung, generally anxious personality, use these essences throughout the day they will not put you to sleep but will assist you in helping you stay calm. For acute treatment of  insomnia these remedies can be used in evening and before bed. Flower essences are natural remedies and they are safe for children and are not contra indicated for those on medication.