Rescue Remedy Sale

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Rescue Remedy Formula
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The popular Five Flower Rescue Remedy Formula is composed of 5 English flower essences. It is one of the most widely used natural anti-stress, anti-anxiety remedies. Essence Alchemy is pleased to be one of the top resources for this formula and for comprehensive information about this formula. Our goal is customer education because an informed customer is one of our top goals.

Dr. Oz Recommends Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy is miraculous formula for combating the simple stresses of daily life. Dr. Oz is keen to acknowledge the importance of reducing our daily stress levels. This is the second time in 2013 that Dr. Oz has recommended Rescue Remedy. This simple formula is composed of 5 different flower remedies. The 5 flower remedies that make up Rescue Remedy are:

Impatiens: this remedy treats impatience and mental tension

Cherry Plum: this remedy helps you feel more in control when you are under tension and stress

Clematis: this remedy keeps you grounded and focused

Rock Rose: this remedy helps us stay centered under stress

Star of Bethlehem: this remedy soothes the frazzled nerves and restores inner peace

Because stress can overtake us at unexpected times I always suggest my customers carry a bottle of Rescue Remedy with them. Some of my customers like to keep a bottle at work and one at home. Rescue Remedy is also wonderful for children, if you have kids and your child is in a hyper state a little Rescue Remedy will calm them down. Simply add a four drops to water or juice.

The Rescue Remedy formula has been used for over 90 years by millions of people around the world. It was originally designed to treat acute trauma but many people, Dr. Oz included are finding it helpful for the ravages of daily stress. By maintaining a daily regime of peace and calm you prevent the body from releasing damaging stress hormones. Which over time lower immunity and ruin peace of mind.

Bach Remedies for Sleep

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Sleep is like a dream come true for those that find it and a nightmare for those whom it eludes. Insomnia can lead to deep frustration and dissatisfaction. Sometimes we have a hard sleeping due to immediate circumstances and sometimes it is chronic. There are many reasons why a good nights sleep is important and  there are a number of Bach Remedies that can help you get a good nights rest.

Bach Remedies for Sleep

White Chestnut
Key among the 38 Remedies is White Chestnut, this remedy aids the mind to slow down its mental chatter and incessant thought cycling to bring about a restful mind. The great thing about this remedy is that you can use it for acute situations. My suggestion is to keep a bottle near your bed and take 2 drops directly from the stock bottle before laying down to sleep.

Rescue Remedy
Next on list would be Rescue Remedy, the essences in this combination are helpful to curb acute anxiety and stress. It would be wise to consider Rescue Remedy when you are going through stressful or troubling times and this is the cause of your insomnia.

In general Vervain is for the high strung type, the constant doer who is always on the go and planning what is next. Vervain flower essences will assist this type to take a more relaxed less edgy approach to life and tasks. Those needing this essence would be wise to consider using it throughout the day to assist with a more relaxed approach to life that will then translate to better sleep.

Similar to Vervain, Impatiens is more of a type remedy and from the name we can glean that this essence helps with impatience. Those needing this remedy may be generally impatient types or just going through a cycle where their patience is being tested. This is a great remedy that helps us to slow down and take a more eased approach to life. This remedy can also be used safely throughout the day.

Bach Remedies are safe to use long term or on a temporary basis. They are non habit forming and non addictive. They simply help adjust underlying reasons that lead to sleep disturbances in the first place. It is also suggested to look at your lifestyle to see what might need adjustment. Maybe you need to stop drinking caffeine after 3 pm or not eat so late. But whatever the reason Bach Remedies can be of great assistance on a path of balance.

Please note Bach Flower Remedies promote balance, which is a wholly personal experience also note that any of these remedies can be taken throughout the day to promote balance. They will not cause drowsiness or sleepiness throughout the day, they will promote balance and this will no doubt leaving you feeling happier and healthier.


Dr. Oz Recommends Rescue Remedy

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Dr. Edward Bach creator of Rescue Remedy

Dr. Oz’s recommendation for Rescue Remedy is welcome news, because Rescue Remedy is such an effective and useful supplement, that will help you cope with the stresses of daily life. Therapists around the world have been recommending Rescue Remedy  for acute anxiety, niggling fear and emotional upset for over 80 years.

What is it?
Rescue Remedy is simple formula made from five wildflowers, it originated in England and is now available in most continents around the world. The trusted formula of Clematis, Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose and Cherry Plum has remained the same ever since Dr. Bach made it up in the mid 1930’s.

Lets examine the individual flowers in the Rescue Remedy Combination Dr. Oz has been recommending.

Cherry Plum is helpful when you feel you are at a breaking point, experiencing great suffering and are about to lose control. You may also find you’re trying desperately to control feelings. Cherry plum is a light-filled essence that promotes growth and calmness while dealing with inner turmoil.

Clematis supports you in staying awake and present. It ushers in clarity of consciousness and brings awareness clearly to the present moment. Clematis helps bring greater clarity and awareness to life and help you take more practical action.

Impatiens treats impatience and it supports your emotional growth: if you tend to talk, eat and drive fast; anger quickly and have a fiery temper. Impatiens can be of great benefit if you rush through your days with little joy. This remedy enhances the ability to slow down and enjoy the flow of life. It treats general irritation and intolerance helping you embrace life and circumstances with greater ease and flexibility.                            

Rock Rose flower essence fosters, great courage and grounded presence when facing catastrophic situations. This essence helps one to stay centered and remain grounded to effectively deal with challenging circumstances.
Star of Bethlehem is a powerful remedy for addressing recent or past traumas. The deeply soothing and comforting energy of Star of Bethlehem fosters wholeness, unity and relief from the most troubling of situations.

If you are looking to purchase Rescue Remedy for yourself or a family member, visit our Rescue Remedy page and learn more about how to use Rescue Remedy to address specific fears, anxities  and situational stress.


Bach Flower Remedies for Anxiety

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Bach flower remedies are excellent non-habit forming tools that can be used to calm stress and anxiety.  Anxiety is a fear of the future, it can be acute, chronic, have a known cause or an unknown cause. But, whatever the case may be; Bach flower remedies address anxiety with precision and effectiveness uncommon in other forms of healing.


Aspen- Has anxiety descended for an unknown reason? Do you find your self feeling edgy unsteady and generally fearful yet can’t pinpoint what is causing the unrest? Aspen is for those souls who are refined, sensitive souls whose highly refined perception and rich inner life can lead to feelings of anxiety for no known reason.


Mimulus- In contrast to Aspen, mimulus is for anxiety from known reasons. This would be anxiety from shyness, phobias or other known causes. This is such a great remedy for lifting us out of our perceptions of shyness and limitation, as it helps to fortify soul forces to overcome known fears.


Holly- This essence is related to anxiety in and around relationships; in this case the anxiety may take the form of jealousy, envy or suspicion. Holly is a softener that helps the heart to open gently to  feelings of universal love and kindness. Holly is great for relationship related anxieties.


Impatiens- You know who you are, the impatient type, most likely this type of anxious impatient person is not even reading this blog. Seriously, this is the fourth paragraph down, who has time to get this far? Well if you have gotten this far and do resonate with this, you might want a little impatiens in your life. It is a blessing for the high strung, anxious, get’r done attitude which leads to uneasy feelings of tension.


Red Chestnut– Oh Red Chestnut, you care so much for those close to and you just fear the worst is going to happen to them. So you fret, you worry and you get anxious. While it may seem like you are doing something, you are just filing your time with fears that most likely will not come to pass. Do you find your self anxious for others? Well you may want to find yourself some Red Chestnut, you’ll be fine.


Rescue Remedy®
All these remedies can be used in combination, for acute situations try adding them to a dosage bottle with a dose of Rescue Remedy®. This will help you get  your convenient dose of calm when you need it. Note: Rescue Remedy® contains impatiens. Also Rescue Remedy® was designed for acute situations and it works best when used in this manner.

Bach Flower Remedy System – 12 Healers

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Bach flower remediesThe system Dr. Bach developed is aimed at aligning the personality with the truth of who we are.  It is divided into 3 parts which follow chronologically the order in which the remedies were discovered. The first twelve are known as “The Twelve Healers” which are soul type/archetypal remedies that deal with broad themes such as courage, enthusiasm, compassion, wisdom and balance to name a few.

The ‘Key Words’ used are general headings which the remedies treat and the themes are areas of the personality the remedies help to develop. “Use for” referrers to areas of personality imbalance that the remedies correct. Keep in mind these are general descriptions and serve as a simple guide to beginning to understand the remedies.

The Twelve Healers

Mimulus– (mimulus guttatus) Key Word: Fearlessness
Themes: confidence, bravery, security Use for: fear of known things, shyness, timidity

Impatiens- (impatiens glandulifera) Key Word: Compassion
Themes: patience, tolerance, harmonious relationship with time Use for: impatience, developing tolerance, irritablity

Agrimony-(agrimonia eupatoria) Key Word: Truth
Themes: honesty, authentic humor, openness Use for: masked emotions/inner pain, escapism via drugs/alchol

Clematis-(clamatis vitalba) Key Word: Integration
Themes: vision, awareness, present in the body Use for: dreaminess, withdraw, ungrounded awareness

Centaury-(centaurium erythaea) Key Word: Dignity
Themes: boundaries, self esteem, self reliance Use for: weak personality, being used, servant, taken advantage of

Cerato-(ceratostigma willmottiana) Key Word: Instinct/Knowledge
Themes: trust of self, discernment, decisive Use for: discretion, trust of self wisdom, easily influenced

Gentian- (gentiana amarella) Key Word: Hope
Themes: faith, trust in positive outcome, positive outlook Use for: doubt, pessimism, depression, despair, hopelessness

Chicory- (chicorium intybus) Key Word: Love
Themes: fulfillment, radiant love, unconditional love Use for: possessive, heart ache, manipulative behavior

Vervain- (verbena officianalis) Key Word: Passion
Themes: enthusiasm, optimism, dynamic Use for: overly stressed, type A, high strung, righteously indignant

Scleranthus- (scleranthus annuus) Key Word: Decisive
Themes: decisiveness, balance, stable Use for: indecisiveness, mood swings, trust in decision making

Rock Rose- (helianthemum nummularium) Key Word: Assurance
Themes: calm strength, emotional steadiness Use for: panic, stuck emotions of terror

Water Violet- (hottonia palustris) Key Word: Unity
Themes: gracefulness, quite, integration with group Use for: feelings of loneliness, isolation, pride, superiority