Woodland Essences

Woodland Essences are made in the pristine Adirondack Mountain range in upstate New York. Kate Gilday the co-creator of these essences has a high degree of integrity ensuring that each essence undergoes years of research before they are offered to the public.

Woodland Essence flower essences carry a sweet potent vibration of the pure woodlands. I highly recommended these essences and encourage you to work with them. They make a great compliment to both the Bach and FES essences.

We feature 4 sets of essences from the Woodland Essence collection they are Tree Essences, Shrub Essences, Forest Floor Essences and At-Risk-Plants.

Make a Woodland Essence Dosage Bottle

We currently offer you the option to add these essences to a dosage bottle. Select the “Your Personal Formula” option and at checkout type the names of the essences you want in your bottle.

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Tree Essences


Aspen, Quacking : Mother Courage
(Populus tremuloides) Encourages a strong heart. Doing what needs to be done. Breaking the path, the ice. Beginning. Fearlessness in the face of the unknown. Understanding of and easy connection with subtle planes.


Black Birch:Sharing without fear of rejection
Gracious. Sharing one’s essence without fear of rejection, hurt, etc. Getting in touch with one’s inner radiance.


Eastern Hemlock:Transformation
Easing one through the process of change and personal transformation. For guiding one through a shift in awareness/consciousness. Support through the changes that are ahead – personal and planetary.


Flowering Dogwood: Grace, Elegance, Simplicity
Finding the elegance in simplicity. Releasing the need of ownership. To help break attachment to the need for material possessions. Also for those who desire a more graceful way to move through life.


Hawthorne: Protection for the Heart
For protection of the heart. For those situations one finds disorienting, uncomfortable or when one needs to deal with those of opposing mind, thought or action.

Red Cedar
: Courage and Strength
Courage. Strength. Wisdom. Ability to draw on our deepest inner resources when we need to. Trusting the ‘wise one’ within. Accessing ancient memories, from present and past lives.

:Learning Self Love
Appreciating one’s uniqueness and inner gifts, and offering them from a place of self-love. For learning self-love.

Scots Pine:
Guidance Along the Path
For guidance in searching for the right path of direction in one’s life. Helps one find the strength to continue. A supportive guide in seeking the inner mysteries of life.

White Pine
: Stability and Balance
Offers it’s essence as the Foundation of ancient wisdom to help us remember how to “put the pieces back together.”. A guiding light to illuminate and support one’s re-membering. Stability and balance in thought and action.

Shrub Essences

: Clarity of direction and purpose
Clarity of direction and purpose. Purity of intent. Guiding one straight to the heart of the matter.

Barberry: Acceptance of all aspects of life
Aids one in accepting and assimilating all aspects of life, the bitter and the sweet. Seeing the grace and beauty of all life’s experiences.

Beach Plum: Opening to the Angelic realm
Appreciating the finest essence of life. Developing a finer tuning of the five physical senses as well as psychic abilities. Opening to the Angelic/Spiritual realm.

Elder: Essence of starlight
Infused in the radiance of a Summer Full Moon. Holds the joy and exuberence, the magic and mystery of the plant spirits. Offers protection on the etheric and spiritual planes. Essence of starlight!

Hobblebush: Releases the need to always be ‘doing’
To help one take the time to relax, enjoy, let go. When there seem to be too many things that need to be done. Reminds one of healthy priorities and releasing the need to always be doing/accomplishing.

Mountain Laurel:
Seeing Through Difficult Decisions
Support, guidance and protection in those times of confusion and struggle. Helps one see a way through the tangles. For balance and clarity when faced with difficult decisions.

Wild Azela
: Confidence in Sharing one’s Talents
Confidence and self assurance when called upon to share one’s abilities and talents. Enhances perception of time; knowing when to act and when to be still.

Wild Rose
: Relaxing, Healthy Balance
Assists one in finding a healthy balance between activity and relaxation. For those who try to over-form their lives; adds a sense of relaxing into the essence of the moment!


Forest Floor Essences

Bloodroot:Embracing One’s Inner Light
Trusting one will be protected as one moves forward in her/his evolution. Helps one find the courage and inner resources to heal old wounds and move from a place of despair and darkness to the light. Embracing one’s inner light.

Dwarf Ginseng:Seeing how our choices create our reality
Integration. Understanding how and why the experiences of our lives create a wholeness of self, family and community. Seeing how our choices create our reality.

Joyful Pursuit of Dreams
Joyful purpose. Moving through doubts and fears to pursue one’s dreams. Putting oneself “out there” with a sense of freedom and direction. “Going for it!”

:Restoring a sense of delight
Appreciation of the small miracles of each day, as one discovers life’s treasures where one least expects it! Restores a sense of delight and inner radiance.


Painted Trillium
: Ease with Decision Making
Helps one make decisions from one’s heart space, while understanding the far-reaching effects of one’s choices and actions.

Purple Clematis:
Trust in the Healing Process
Tender support for those who have experienced a deep hurt. Assists one in reaching out for help rather than shutting down and moving deeper within. Trusting a slow and gentle healing process.

: Embracing One’s Darkside
Assists one accepting and embracing one’s shadow self/dark side. For those who fear the dark. Offers protection from negative influences as it brings the light of hope into one’s life.

Uva Ursi
: Nurtures the Feminine
Nurtures the feminine, the vessel of creativity, the deep, dark void from which all life flows. Helps one to access the healing and creative powers of the deeper resources within. Physically – for the ovaries.

Wild Lily of the Valley
: Healthy Sense of Priorities
Helps one create a healthy sense of priorities, remembering what is really important. For bringing joy and exuberence into one’s life. For those who take life all too seriously – helps one to lighten up!

At-Risk-North American Plants

American Ginseng: Accepting Personal Power
Vitality, strength and support when experiencing depletion/exhaustion of inner resources. Deeply healing. Releasing fear of expressing true self. Accepting Personal Power. Feeling whole and alive!

Black Cohosh
: Uniting Light and Dark Aspects of the Personality
Knowing and trusting in one’s inner strength and resources. For the honesty and courage to deal with and heal past experiences of abuse and oppression. Releasing entanglements. Bright strong sense of self-emerging.

Blue Cohosh: Acceptance of One’s Sexuality
Gentle support for those feeling shy or awkward in their sexuality, especially during times of transition; (e.g. puberty, pregnancy, menopause and mid-life). Opens one to the mysteries and energy of one’s sexuality as sacred and life-affirming. Graceful acceptance of the changes aging brings.

: Releasing Old Patterns
Opening channels to allow free flow of energy. Releasing that which no longer serves, giving a sense of lightness and freedom. Cutting the cords that drain us, freeing up held energy. Clearing out the old to make room for the new. Energizing.


Pink Lady’s Slipper: Strength in Expressing our Unique Nature
Clarity and creative expression of inner purpose-true calling. Ability to express self more easily. Releasing shame. Understanding and delight in one’s sexuality, opening one to deeper levels of intimacy.

: Calm Fluid Motion, Letting go of Resistance
Dancing gracefully through life’s challenges, as one let’s go of resistance. Present moment awareness. Allowing the experience of the present to effortlessly guide one to the next moment. Calm, fluid motion.

Trillium: Support to Flow with Life’s Changes
Tender yet strong support during times of birth, death and re-birth. Helps one develop the courage and flexibility to flow with life’s changes and cycles. Coming home to oneself. Peaceful centeredness, knowing that is enough.

Wild Ginger: Rekindling our connection with Nature
Simple, ancient guide, inviting us to rekindle our connection with nature, the forest, and all beings. Reminding us that this is our birthright. Brings sense of being grounded and rooted.

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