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Aloe Vera through Evening Primrose

Aloe Vera: Vital life energy

Creative, balanced, centered vital life energy; Use for burnout due to over use of  creative forces, Aloe vera balances an over abundance of fire forces with the soft fluid qualities of renewal and rejuvenation.


Alpine Lily: Acceptance of ones femininity

Useful for women to gain a greater acceptance of  the grounded earthy aspects of femininity and female sexuality. This essence is for women who reject the feminine and have an imbalanced expression of femininity, for those who tend towards more cosmic spiritual femininity, rejecting the earthly bodily feminine.


Angel’s Trumpet: Spiritual Protection and Guidance

Use to enhance feelings of protection and guidance from spiritual beings, a wonderfully versatile essence useful when feeling energetically compromised by stress and tension. Indicated when one is feeling estranged from spiritual guidance and protection. Especially at times of crisis or transformation.


Angelica: Awareness of the Spiritual World
This remedy is for angelic protection and guidance from the spiritual world. It provides extra support during threshold experiences such as birth and death. Angelica flower essence helps us  be more of aware of the guidance we receive from the spiritual world. A very useful for essence for a broad range of situations.


Arnica: Recovery from Shock and Trauma
Arnica is indicated for treating shock and trauma, and for healing dissociation of the consciousness with the body from shock and trauma.  Arinca essence helps to dislodge deep seated trauma from the body and the healing of old injuries from an accident.  This remedy can  be applied topically, use in massage oils, lotions and creams and combined with Rescue Remedy.


Baby Blue Eyes: Re-awaken Innocence

A small blue wildflower native to California, baby blue eyes helps to re-awaken innocence.  It is also useful for re-establishing a healthy relationship with the father or a father figure.  This remedy is useful where the lack of trust or innocence then develops as a hard shell and  defensive behavior.  This essence is useful to develop a healthy relationship with ones father.


Basil: Integration of Spirituality and Sexuality

Basil helps one integrate asexuality with spirituality, facilitating a positive sexual expression based on acknowledging the sacredness of sexuality. This essence is useful for marital stress and clandestine sexual behavior. It is also helpful for those with a strong attraction to pornography and debased, destructive sexual expressions.  Basil is very healing to human sexual expression, helping us to see sex not sinful or nonspiritual but is part of the greater spiritual expression of being human.


Black Cohosh: Uniting Light and Dark aspects of the Personality

Brings courage to confront ones dark-side and threatening or abusive situations. It provides for unification of dark and light aspects of the personality. Use when stuck in abusive relationships/situations. This essence helps with our ability to confront and transform dark, addictive, destructive parts of ones self.


Black Eyed Susan: Acknowledging all aspects of the Self

This essence helps the personality bring in information which has been suppressed. Supports awakened consciousness capable of acknowledging all aspects of the Self; penetrating insight and aware behavior.


Blackberry: Overcoming Inertia

This remedy helps us to overcome feelings of inertia helping us to translate our goals into action. Blackberry activates the will in clear and direct ways helping one to act decisively and execute their vision.  Useful when feeling stuck, a keyword for this essence is tenacity.


Bleeding Heart: Learning to live in Emotional Freedom

A superb heart healing remedy it helps to strengthen and clear the heart. It is useful for learning the lessons of the heart, how to give love freely. This essences helps you to live with emotional freedom and love others unconditionally.This essences treats possessiveness, co-dependencey and fear based relationships.  This is a great essence to use when you’ve ended a relationship but are still holding on with your heart. It eases heart ache and heart break.  This essence is also wonderful for animals who suffer seperation anxiety.


Borage: Courageous Heart

This essence adds buoyancy to the heart helping to lift it in times of despair, darkness and discouragement. Borage helps one to develop optimism and a courageous heart. This essences is great when one feels weighed down by the demands of life. Useful when feeling dis’couraged’ and  disheartened.  Helps build faith, courage and optimism.


Buttercup: Knowing your Value

This essence helps one to feel and value their uniqueness in a way that is unattached to outer recognition. Use buttercup for feelings of low self esteem, lack of self worth and when there is an inability to acknowledge and cherish ones inner light and uniqueness.


Calendula: Compassionate Communication

Calendula encourages a healing and warm receptivity with the use of the spoken word.  It helps to balance communication towards more compassionate expression. This essences is useful for  argumentative types it eases the use of sharp words and destructive dialogue.


California Pitcher Plant: Integrating Body Instincts

California Pitcher Plant- Earthy vitality, healthy bodily instincts; integration of the more bodily and instinctual aspects of the self.



California Poppy: Finding Spirituality in the Heart

Radiant heart centered spirituality; strong interior alignment with values.  Treats escapism and superficial forms of spirituality; such as attraction to grandeur, drugs and out-of-body type experiences. For finding spirituality in ones heart.



California Wild Rose: Overcome Apathy

Much like Bach’s wild rose essence, California Wild Rose provides the vibration of ‘essential’ enthusiasm and love for life.  It helps one to really take hold of life and overcome apathy. Use this when faced with apathy and when it causes a distortion in ones ability to mobilize will forces with the enthusiasm of the heart.



Calla Lily: Sexual self acceptance

This essence is for clarity about sexual identity, sexual self acceptance and the integration of masculine and feminine qualities.  Treats confusion or ambivalence about sexual identity and gender and wounding due to cultural gender bias.


Canyon Dudleya: Balanced Spiritual Opening

Balanced psychic and physical energies; grounded presence in everyday physical life, positive charisma; healthy spiritual openings.  Treats distorted psychic experiences and overinflated psychic experiences.


Cayenne: Overcoming Stagnation

This is essence #1 for activating change and transformation.  The fiery forces of this essence stir the inner fire and ignite one’s will to overcome stagnation and sustain soul development. Use this when feeling stuck in a rut and lacking the energy to move forward and change.


Chamomile: Emotional Balance Sunny Disposition

Chamomile fosters a calm and radiant state of emotional balance.  This essence helps us to create and maintain a pleasant disposition characterized by emotional balance.  Those needing this essence are easily upset moody, irritable and stressed by emotional tension.  This essence helps to release tension stored in the stomach region. Useful for stabilizing mood swings.


Chaparral: Psychic Cleanser

This essence helps to cleanse the psyche that has been exposed to violent images or actual violence as well as helping those who suffer from disturbed dreams and chaotic inner life. Chaparral balances psychic awareness and helps to cleanse the physical body from medical and psychoactive drugs.


Chysanthemun: Fear of Aging

Able to distinguish higher spiritual identity from temporal personality.  Treats fear of aging and mortality, over attachment to temporal personality; healing crisis due to materialistic focus of the soul. In touch with the Higher Self, viewing the temporary nature of life on earth from a higher perspective.


Corn: Grounded and Connected to the Earth

This essence is useful for those living in dense urban environments; it helps one stay connected to the earth and feel a grounded connection with the earth. Supports alignment with the earth especially through the feet. Great to treat stress or disorientation in urban environments. Helps one stay centered.


Cosmos: Expressing Inspiration

Cosmos is a superior communication essence, it helps one to integrate ideas and express them with clarity and coherence. Cosmos helps one to convey truth and higher inspiration in a focused manner. Use this essence when feeling overwhelmed by too many ides which cause disorganized thinking and unfocused communication.


Dandelion: Relaxed Musculature

Dandelion helps one to enjoy the benefits of a relaxed musculature. It infuses an effortless feeling characterized by a release of tension. This essence is superb for an overly tense personality, always striving to do more. This driven mental energy is valued in our society but can lead to detriment when we ignore the pain signals our body sends us. Dandelion helps us get back in touch with our feelings and emotions as a way to balanced radiant health.


Deerbrush: Clarity of Motive

This essence is for purity and clarity of motive and action that is aligned with one’s true feelings. Treats mixed conflicted motives; dishonest or impolite responses not based on genuine feeling. Promotes honesty with ourselves, our affairs and others.


Dill: Balances Hypersensitivity

This essence is useful for those who are overwhelmed by excess stimulation. It is helpful for those who are  hypersensitive to their environment and outer activity. Dill helps one to experience and absorb a wide variety of sensory experiences without being overwhelmed. It heightens our awareness of taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing.


Dogwood: Physical Grace and Movement

This essence treats awkward and painful awareness of the body and emotional trauma that affects the body. Dogwood fosters grace filled movement, physical and etheric harmony in the body, helping to soften a hardened body.


Easter Lily: Sexual Self Acceptance

This essence treats tension in sexual identity; conflicting sexual values; virgin/whore split in the psyche. Easter lily promotes soul purity which embraces all aspects of life and body, especially sexual identity.


Echinacea: Healing Abuse, Trauma and Dis-ease

This essence enhances personality integration, useful when there has been severe trauma or abuse. This essence helps with core integrity and immunity, maintaining a strong sense of self when challenged by stress, trauma or disease.


Evening Primrose: Healing Abuse and Trauma from Childhood

Evening Primrose is useful for healing early traumas and painful emotions passed through family and in utero. This essence helps heal and resolve relationship and commitment issues. This remedy is a wonderful balm to the spirit and emotions. It helps to renew faith and open oneself to deeper emotions and relationships.

Fairy Lantern through Iris

Fairy Lantern: Healthy Maturation

This essence is for healthy maturation; acceptance of adult responsibilities and positive integration of ‘child’ identity.  Treats helplessness, neediness and those with an inability to take responsibility. Fairy lantern is useful for children and adults, also good to use during puberty to help the body adjust in the maturation process.


Fawn Lily: Sharing your Gifts with the World

Involvement in the social fabric of the world; ability to share one’s spiritual gifts with others.  This essence supports those with a delicate nature to participate in community and family affairs. Adds strength to overcome withdraw, isolation and self protection.


Filaree: Ease Worries

This essence is for those who worry obsessively about minor events. It helps one gain a larger overview which holds the events of ordinary life in perspective. For hyper focus on small details.


Forget-Me-Not: Healing Loneliness

This essence treats feelings of loneliness and isolation, especially after the loss of a loved one. Forget Me Not, helps one feel more connection to the spiritual world, helping one to gain a mindfulness of the trans-personal aspects of relationships.


Fuschia: Emotional Vitality

Genuine emotional vitality, ability to express intense feelings. For hyper emotional states that mask deeply-seated pain or trauma; misdirected psychosomatic responses to pain and stress.


Garlic: Protection and Resilience

This is a protection essence, it helps one to feel more resilient to adverse influence. It encourages a vital response to life and repels parasitic energies. Garlic helpful with obsessions and some types of fears.


Golden Ear Drops: Learning from Mistakes

Ability to remember and understand core experiences that define emotional history and provide nourishment and insight from past experiences. Treats suppressed toxic memories of childhood; feelings of pain or trauma from past events, effecting present emotional identity.


Golden Yarrow: Remaining Open while staying Centered

Remaining open to others while staying self contained; active social involvement which preserves inner equilibrium. Treats over sensitivity to social surroundings, resulting in social isolation or false social persona; dependence on drugs for protection or social masking.


Goldenrod: Enhance Individuality

Strong and secure sense of individuality, balanced with group and social consciousness. Helpful for those who are overly influenced by group or cultural ties; inability to be true to oneself, easily susceptible to peer pressure or external social demands.


Hibiscus: Sexual Healing
Warmth and responsiveness in sexuality; integration of soul warmth and bodily passion.  Helps when there is an inability to enjoy sexual experiences; lack of warmth due to abuse or exploitation.


Hound’s Tongue: Integration of Imagination and Intellect

Holistic thinking; perception of physical reality united with lively thoughts, integration of imagination and intellect. Helpful when one feels weighed down by materialistic world view or overly analytical viewpoint.


Indian Paintbrush: Exuberant Artistic Expression

Lively, energetic creativity, exuberant artistic activity.  Treats low vitality and difficulty with rousing physical forces needed to sustain creative work. Inability to bring creative forces into physical expression.


Indian Pink: Managing Stress

Ability to remain centered and focused, even under stress or high levels of activity; managing and co-ordinating diverse tasks.  Useful when one feels frayed or overwhelmed during multi leveled activity.


Iris: Inspired Artistry

Inspired artistry, soulful creativity in touch with higher realms; radiant, iridescent vision in all aspects of life.  This essence is great for overcoming creative blocks. Use when lacking inspiration and feeling weighed down by the ordinariness of the world.


Lady’s Slipper through Oregon Grape

Lady’s Slipper: Alignment with Higher Purpose

For aligning higher purpose with daily work, integration of spiritual vision with vital forces in the root and creative chakras.


Larkspur: Charismatic Leadership

Charismatic leadership, contagious enthusiasm, joyful service.


Lavender: Relax and Soothe

Spiritual sensitivity, highly refined awareness intact with stable bodily health.  Great for those who are nervous, over stimulated and depleted, helpful with insomnia.


Lotus: Spiritual Tonic

Expansive and inclusive spirituality, ability to synthesize diverse experience in service to the spiritual world. This is a humbling essence which tempers the ego and spiritual pride.


Love-Lies-Bleeding: Alleviate Intense Emotional Pain

Ability to move beyond personal pain, suffering and mental anguish; trans-personal vision; compassionate acceptance of karma. Treats intense pain due to isolation and over-personalization of one’s pain.


Madia:Focus and Concentration

Precise thinking, disciplined focus and concentration. Useful if you get easily distracted, find it hard to concentrate or are engaged in splintered activity which is unproductive.


Mallow: Feeling Secure with Others

Warm personable, open hearted sharing, trust in the social process. Helps one to open and feel more secure in relationships and to let down social barriers.


Manzanita: Enhances Bodily Awareness

Enhances bodily awareness and soul integration with the body. This essence is useful for those who have had eating problems or strict standards and have misused the body. Those needing this remedy have been estranged from the physical world; have an aversion to the body, eating and sleeping disorders. This essence fosters joyous physical embodied, spirituality integrated with physical body.


Mariposa Lily: Maternal Warmth, Positive Connection with Mother
Warm feminine, nurturing maternal consciousness; mother child bonding, positive connection to mother and similar feminine figures. Treats childhood abandonment or abuse issues, also for alienation from mother and for women alienated from the mothering role.


Milkweed: Healthy Ego Strength

Healthy ego strength, independent and self reliant.  Growing in strength and independence as the soul learns to function through a healthy ego. Treats neediness, emotional regression, dulling of consciousness through drugs, alcohol, over eating, creating a dependency or sickness to receive attention.


Morning Glory: Vitality, Freshness

This essence is ideal when one is feeling dull, toxic or hung over especially in the mornings. Helpful to curtail addictive, erratic behavior such as drug use. This essence helps one get in touch with their sparkling vital force, in touch with natural rhythms of life. This essence is great for night owls who want to get on a more regular sleeping schedule.


Mountain Pennyroyal: Mental Integrity and Clarity
This remedy acts as a purgative helping to cleanse and expel negative thoughts.  Use for strength and clarity of thought, mental integrity and positivity.


Mountain Pride: Spiritual Warrior

Use for forthright masculine energy; warrior like spirituality which confronts and transforms.  This essence helps one to take a stand for one’s convictions. Helps one be more assertive and align with the archetype of the ‘Spiritual Warrior’.


Mugwort: Psychic Integration

Integration of psychic or dream experiences with daily life. Good for dream work and enhancing the dream state. This remedy helps those who tend towards fantasy, helps balance the psychic experience with everyday life.


Mullien: Hearing Your Own Voice

This essence is great for those who cannot hear their inner voice; they often suffer from confusion and indecision. This essence fosters a strong sense of inner conscience, truthfulness and uprightness.


Nasturtium: Warmth and Vitality

This essence brings warmth and vitality to the thinking process. This essence restores emotional verve and radiance when feeling overly dry due to an overuse of the intellect.


Nicotiana: Healing the Heart

This is a very important essence for the heart, it helps one to stay centered and find deep peace within the heart.  It helps us to feel deep feelings and shake off emotional numbness that is accompanied by the mechanization of the body. This remedy helps us cope with deep feelings and finer sensitivities.  This essence is useful for overcoming tobacco addiction, use in combination with morning glory.


Oregon Grape: Trust in the Goodness of Others
This essence fosters and helps us to generate feelings of loving inclusiveness, positive expectation, good will from others and an ability to trust others. Use when feeling paranoid, self protective or when you unfairly expect hostility from others.

Penstemon through Rosemary

Penstemon: Inner Fortitude

Great inner fortitude despite outer hardships; perseverance.  Enormous strengthening powers helping us tap into reserves of courage and resilience.


Peppermint: Mental Clarity

This flower essence is for mental clarity helping to bring wakeful clarity to a dull, sluggish or lethargic mind. This essence is also good for an unbalanced metabolism which depletes mental forces.



Pink Monkeyflower: Emotional Honesty

This essence treats fear of being exposed, this may be due to feelings of shame, guilt or unworthiness.  Those needing this remedy are often afraid to be seen both literally and metaphorically. Pink Monkeyflower helps one feel at ease emotionally and encourages emotional openness and honesty. It also helps one have the courage to take emotional risks with others.


Pink Yarrow: Emotional Boundaries

This essence helps to build emotional boundaries, allowing loving awareness from a self contained space. Use this essence for emotional clarity and to strengthen an overly absorbent auric field.


Poison Oak: Emotional Openness

This essence is for emotional openness and vulnerability, helping one to make close contact with others. Those needing this remedy fear intimate contact are protective of personal boundaries and can be hostile or distant. Many overly macho men can benefit from this essence as it helps to soften a hardened exterior and allow for more openness.


Pomegranate: Feminine Consciousness

This essence is very important for women, helping them with finding a balance with career and home life. This is a useful remedy for women in the modern world who have to deal with often times conflicting values or career and home. This essence helps women stay connected to the Mother Spirit of the world in all it does. This essence can is also helpful for PMS related symptoms.


Pretty Face: Beauty that Radiates from Within

This essence helps one to look inside to find beauty, it is for an over identification with ones appearance. Those who need this often feel ugly or rejected because of their appearance.


Purple Monkeyflower: Trust in One’s Spiritual Experience

This essence is for inner calm and clarity when experiencing any spiritual or psychic phenomenon. It encourages one to trust in one’s own spiritual experience or guidance; love based rather than fear based spirituality.


Quacking Grass: Group Harmony

This essence fosters harmonious social consciousness, helping one to find higher identity in group work. This is for those who are unable to find a balance between individual needs and group needs.


Queen Anne’s Lace: Seeing Clearly

Spiritual insight and vision; integration of psychic faculties with sexual and emotional aspects of self. This remedy helps one gain an objective psychic awareness. It is also great for eyesight when it is distorted due to sexual or emotional imbalances.


Quince: Balance of Power

This essence helps one to balance masculine initiating power with feminine nurturing power. It addresses an inability to catalyze or reconcile feelings of strength and power with essential qualities of the feminine. Good for distorted connection with the masculine.


Rabbitbrush: Multi Task Support

This essence provides support to the active mind and with multi tasking. It helps one manage many details at once without becoming overwhelmed. It helps one to focus while being constantly aware of the periphery. It fosters an active, alert, flexible state of mind.


Red Clover: Self Aware Behavior

This essence helps people who are susceptible to mass hysteria or are easily influenced by group thought. Infusing strong forces of self awareness to the individual so he/she can think in a calm and steady manner and act from the center of one’s own truth.


Rosemary: Warmth and Vitality in Physical Presence

This essence helps the soul to more fully incarnate, often trauma can cause poor incarnation. Rosemary renews the forces of incarnation, helping one to feel warm and secure in their bodies and the world. Useful for forgetfulness, lacking physical warmth and vitality.

Sage through Sweet Pea

Sage: Drawing from Life’s Wisdom

This essence helps one to draw on wisdom from life experience; it helps one get a higher perspective of life. It helps when there is an inability to perceive a higher purpose and meaning to life. Getting in touch with spiritual meaning and purpose of life.


Sagebrush: Transformation and Change

This is a purifying and cleansing essence helping one to shed their identification with illusionary parts of the self. Sagebrush helps one to recognize dysfunctional parts of the personality and helps you to release what no longer serves your evolution. It helps a person to move forward with deeper awareness of the inner Self develops.  Useful at times of transformation and change.


Saguaro: Know and Trust One’s Inner Wisdom

This essence helps us to know and trust our inner wisdom; Saguaro brings an awareness of what is ancient or sacred; helping us get in touch with lineage or tradition. This essence has strong masculine qualities helping us to access the ‘inner father’ for wisdom and guidance.


Saint John’s Wort: Light Filled Protection

This is a protection essence which fills the consciousness and awareness with light. This is useful for those who are overly expanded in the mental and psychic realm, this expansion leads to vulnerability. This essence provides protection by enhancing light around the physical body, almost like a shield.  Saint John’s Wort is also useful for Seasonal Affective Disorder.


Scarlet Monkeyflower: Emotional Shadow

This essence is for those who are afraid of deep emotions and intense feelings. Often these intense feelings or emotions are repressed because of fear of their inherent power. Scarlet Monkey Flower helps one to get in touch with strong emotions, it promotes emotional honesty and integration of the emotional ‘shadow’. It also gives people the courage to express intense feeling and emotions.


Scotch Broom: Optimism about the World

This essence is useful for enhancing positive and optimistic feelings about the world and future events. Use this to alleviate and banish feelings of despair and pessimism regarding world events. This essence helps us rise to the challenge of our challenging times, reminding us this is an opportunity for self growth.


Self Heal: Arousing Beneficial Healing Forces

This essence helps to arouse a healthy and vital sense of self; a deep sense of wellness and wholeness. Self heal helps one take responsibility for one’s healing; for those overly dependent on external help; this essence arouses motivation towards wellness.


Shasta Daisy: Holistic Perspective and Thinking

This essence does wonders for the thought process and mental functioning; it helps one to synthesize many ideas into whole thoughts and concepts.  Useful when we see information as bits and pieces rather than parts of an overall whole. This essence is good for the modern age where the mind is swamped with ‘bits’ of information; due to the speed of technology in our lives. It helps one piece together information to see a larger picture.


Shooting Star: Feeling Alienated

This essence treats profound feelings of alienation, of not feeling at home on earth, nor part of the human family.  This essence helps to ‘humanize’ overly cosmic states of consciousness; helping the soul to feel more at home in the body and on earth; soul connection to earthly life. Great essence for those who feel alienated.


Snapdragon: Verbal Aggression

This essence treats all forms of verb aggression and/or tension in the jaw. Snapdragon treats repressed or misdirected libido energy which is expressed in a hostile verbal manner. This essence balances the libido and emotional verbal communication; harmonizing sexual creative energy into healthy channels.


Star Thistle: Fear of Lack

This essence helps alleviate feelings of lack; for those who base actions on a fear of lack, inability to give freely, or trust in a higher providence. Star Thistle enhances an inner sense of abundance, fostering a generous inclusive, giving and sharing nature.


Star Tulip: Inner Listening

This essence helps one to tune in, listen and be receptive to higher worlds, it helps one to feel inner quite. Star tulip helps one to receive and contain higher thoughts and inspiration.  This is useful when there is an inability to feel inner quite, meditate or pray. An emotional softener, enhances our receptive side.


Sticky Monkeyflower: Sexual Healing and Intimacy

This essence balances the integration of human warmth and sexual intimacy; it helps one to express deep feelings of love and connectedness, especially in sexual relationships. Helpful when there is a fear of intimacy, repressed sexual feelings and an inabiliaty to experience warmth in sexual experiences.


Sunflower: Balanced Masculine Forces

This is a great remedy for a balanced sense of self; whether it is self inflation or self effacement; low self esteem or arrogance.  Sunflower brings balanced sun like forces to the personality; treats fear of success and fear of failure, also helpful for poor relation to the father or masculine aspect of Self.


Sweetpea: Finding Home

This essence helps one to find their place on earth; forming commitments to community and feeling social connectedness.


Tansy through Zinnia



Tansy: Self Directed, Decisive Action

This is a wonderful essence for overcoming inertia (others included blackberry and cayenne by FES and Habanero and Horseradish by Delta Gardens). Tansy helps one to take straightforward action and overcome habits which subvert the real intentions of Self. Great for goal directed activity and deliberate, purposeful action.


Tiger Lily: Balance Masculine Energy

This essence balances an overly aggressive, competitive, hostile attitude and separatist tendencies. Tiger Lily fosters cooperation, service and balance; encouraging inner peace and harmony as a foundation for outer relationships. This essence can be helpful for women who work in an overly yang/masculine system or structure.


Trillium: Safety and Security

This essence supports us so we feel safe and secure in life. It does so by strengthening our connection with the root chakra our energetic foundation that connects us with the earth.


Trumpet Vine: Lively Verbal Expression

This essence builds assertiveness and vitality in verbal expression.  Trumpet Vine helps us become more articulate and colorful with verbal expression and it supports active, dynamic projection of one’s self in social situations. Good for speech impediments.


Violet: Overcome Shyness in Groups

This essence helps those who feel shy and remain cool and aloof, often in groups. It helps highly refined souls to feel safe and self contained.


Yarrow: Protection

This is the number one protection essence; it helps to seal and knit an overly porous aura. Yarrow is for people who are energetically sensitive and overly absorbent of other peoples energy and emotions.  This is very useful remedy great for people living in crowded urban environment. Yarrow also strengthens the aura to repel harmful radiation and electromagnetic pollution; yarrow helps a person re-balance and stabilize on many levels.  *A widely applicable remedy


Yellow Star Tulip: Empathy and Receptivity

This essence helps one feel empathy and receptivity to the feelings and experiences of others.



Yerba Santa: Constricted Repressed Emotions

This essence helps to open the free flow of emotions; allowing us to express the full range of human emotion, especially pain and sadness. Those needing Yerba Santa often have constricted feelings, particularly in the chest; internalized grief and melancholy, deeply repressed emotions.


Zinnia: Childlike Humor and Playfulness

This essence helps to restore childlike humor and playfulness, helping one to be more lighthearted and gain a detached perspective. Great for over serious, dull, humorless, somber sense of Self and a repressed inner child. This is a great essence to lift the spirits and balance adult qualities with humor and lightness.



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