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The Trauma Kit: An amazing kit of 36 remedies to help unwind emotional pain and suffering. This kit is used by chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists and body workers.


Mount Shasta Kit: 16 transformational remedies from Mt. Shasta.

The French Collection: 16 remedies from rural France. This collection address many aspects of trauma and emotional suffering. These uplifting remedies are well loved by many.


Space Clearing Sprays – Essence Alchemy has created 5 very unique sprays that support personal growth.




Self Care Flower Essence Combinations: This kit of 12 combination formulas is designed to support daily self care needs.



Create Your Own Personal Formula of Essences

IMG_6005Your shopping experience with us will be a unique and creative one when you select the Your Personal Formula option. This  cost effective, fun and easy to use feature allows you to craft a formula of up to 7 essences. Start by clicking the “Add to Cart” button for this option and from there select from 1-7 essences you want in your formula. Type them into the text box in the cart, follow through to checkout, pay with Paypal and your done!

Price: $17.95

Flower Essences brands to choose from

buy australian bush flower remediesAustralian Bush Flower Essences


buy bach flower remediesBach Flower Remedies
we offer the Full Stock Kit
and Rescue Remedy

FES Quintessentials FES Quintessential – Flower Essence Society

Delta GardensDelta Gardens – Medicinal Herb Essences

                         Sunflower Flower Essences

Woodland Flower Essences Woodland Essences


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